TeamXbox: Call of Duty: World at War: Death Cards Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Since the launch of Activision's latest installment in the hallowed Call of Duty franchise is fast approaching release, we've already had the opportunity to play all the way through the game for the review. As a part of that, we've also played a significant amount of the multiplayer and co-operative modes with other media types, as well as the developers at Treyarch. Playing with those devs, I was introduced to a little feature of World at War called Death Cards. And I was never the same.

Playing through the single player campaign I had discovered a couple of the death cards peppered about the levels, thinking they were just some collectible. It wasn't until we actually played some co-operative play that I realized what they were for. One of the Treyarch guys said: "so I'm going to turn on death cards for this one." And I'm all, "turn on?" And then he's all, "yeah, they activate specific cheats in the game." Then I was like, "sweet.'"

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iMarcus3688d ago

its good, but they still had this in cod4 as well.

Just had to gather intel to be allowed to activate them.

Gonna be a good game