GameZone: Need For Speed Undercover Preview

Maggie Q struts across the screen, alluring and yet juxtaposing that with a strictly business attitude that commands your attention. After all, she is asking you to do something tricky and dangerous – infiltrate a major crime syndicate through what may be the weakest link, the maniacs who openly race on the streets of the Tri-City Bay.

The goal is to get the information on an international smuggling organization. The tip of that iceberg are the flashy cars that are appearing. Your job is to hit the streets in a decent ride, get the attention of the hot car crowd – which has an association with the main body of bad guys – and prove your worth as a wheelman.

The game has many of the same elements of previous NFS titles, in that you have defined driving goals. With Undercover, those goals come in two forms – you can merely win a race and do well, or you can beat the time set for the event and dominate. When you dominate a race, you can improve your driving stats and that translates to capabilities that span from handling to braking to acceleration and top speed.

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