GameShark: Gears of War 2 Review

Gears of War 2 takes the formula established by the original and polishes it to great effect. Everything from the pacing of the campaign, tuned difficulty, added weapons and enemies, and slew of multiplayer options demonstrates mastery in design that all action games aspire, yet precious few achieve. Not everything is rosy--chalk the poor story and lame characters as being yet another victim of cheesy game writing. That's excusable, though. What you get for putting up with the one-liners and cowboy hats is one hell of a ride.

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vShinobi3637d ago

I played the game, it deserves a B+ its a great game but not as many improvements from the first as I would have hoped, adding 2 extra spots in multiplayer online is not nearly as much as gamers we're hoping for and the story mode though more intact with the characters then the first one still falls short of other titles, Gears 2 is a great game but the single player is mediocre and makes the games rating fall a bit and the graphics even though more detailed then the first one still doesn't rank up woth amazing and phenominal.

tatotiburon3637d ago

i played the game and i deserve an A+++++, i spent the whole night playing HORDE, it's very hard in the last stages, the co-op it's amazing, the phantom camera or ghost camera (my game is in spanish) it's very cool, i took some pictures but i can't find them in The campagin mode is excelent, i only played the first act and just WOW

xenogamer3637d ago

but i dont really digg the univers, i rather play any halo game.

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The story is too old to be commented.