Hit the Streets With Rockstar Developers November 16

Rockstar Games today sent word that it has teamed up with Microsoft to present the first-ever Midnight Club: Los Angeles event on November 16.

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ape0073629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Rockstar developers,what happened guys?

gta 4 was no where near as the golden,the classic gta 3 series and so was midnight club:LA,mc:dub edition was actually one of the finest,most mind blowing racing games ever,races were so genius,gameplay was so much better,don't get me wrong mc:la and gta 4 deserve like 8 but they aren't AAA status

rockstar,is it because of the new rage engine?that engine seem to improve graphics and downgrade gameplay,it makes the game more boring or maybe am wrong

I don't know ????????? very strange

chaosatom3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

What rockstar failed to accomplish was to be innovative in missions and story line.
and thereby failed to make the game fun.

The story felt like a stretch and there were no many characters and plots that I stopped caring.

I could have forgiven them for Lack of weapons, or Lack of customization or Lack of desire to earn more money, but missions were LACKLUSTER.

They included mulitplayer but they could have spent more time designing really really Fun mission.

I mean come on, the city was filled with aspiring things. How about making niko jump off helicopter?

Or EVEN STAGING could have worked. I don't care about having a different experience, I want To have a Great Experience.

Why did they take off jetpacks?