Golden lancer code not working in Gears 2?

According to a thread in the Epic forums the pre-order code to unlock the golden lancer in Gears of War 2 may not be working for some.

Not got verification on this at the moment, but apparently this isn't an isolated incident.

More soon, no doubt.

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Mike Bowden3692d ago

Mine works now. Strange. 3 hours ago, nothing. Now it works.

XerockX3692d ago

mine didn't work either . I haven't tried in the past 2 hrs. though.

Man_of_the_year3692d ago

Confirmed - mine is not working

Man_of_the_year3692d ago

Mine finally downloaded - however its still not showing in the game

Ugly American3692d ago

Mine didn't work... so I signed out, signed back in, and it worked fine.

zonetrooper53692d ago

I had a problem with the flashback map code, it didn't work at first but I gave it 2 hours and it worked. Maybe the servers are overloaded?

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