IGN: Rock Band Free DLC Impressions

When Harmonix and MTV Games released Rock Band 2 back in September, they included a code on the reverse of each game's instruction manual that's good for a download of a free 20-song track pack. The addition of those extra tunes puts Rock Band 2's track count over the 100 song mark, and IGN has taken a quick look at what the additional content has to offer.

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sloth33953663d ago

How do we enter the code on the PS3 since it only lets u enter a code in 3 four digit spaces and the code for the songs has 4 four digit spaces

ArtisianDragon3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

[edit nvm I think I see what your talking about I just found my code hidden within' all of my other stuff I'll walk through the process and see what I can do.]

I just entered my code in with no problems. Though I did not start the game or anything I simply maneuvered my way over toward the Account management option and just input the code, though perhaps I still do not understand the problem you are faced with, could you elaborate on it a bit more?

Blink_443662d ago

You go to enter your code that came with the game and follow the instructions.