CSM: Gears Of War 2 Review 5/5


"Instead of drastically altering the mechanics, developer use Gears of War 2 to make smart refinements. Players now use human shields, allowing them to move more freely while holding a wounded enemy in front of them as cover. Players can also carry out new execution moves near opponents. They vary from curb stomping an enemy to slamming an enemy's head with the butt of your gun. Overall, the game exhibits a high level of polish. Landscapes are vast, with intricate details along mountain facades and other objects.

The battles are as intense as ever. Locusts range in all sizes, from speedy Tickers to Brumaks the size of buildings. New weapons freshen up the combat and are satisfying to use, especially the flamethrower and Mulcher, a powerful machine gun. Multiplayer mode has been tweaked as well. Players can now be matched based on skill, and can group with friends. The online highlight, however, is Horde Mode. Players can join four others online to fight off endless waves of Locust. As you defeat one wave, another appears that's bigger and tougher. It serves as a fantastic extension of the game's co-operative component. Gears of War 2 is arguably this season's mature gaming blockbuster."

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Perfect Score for a Perfect Game