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They report from the translation:
"Not a revolution but certainly a phenomenon, LittleBigPlanet is a game that counts in the evolution of the video game community. At both levels editor with a dream and a network youtube, it will disgust those who seek a new Mario but will provide curious and creative fun crazy. The key is to accept them invest extensively by betting on the growth of the community, that not everyone is ready to go. Ironically, imagination and investment players who build or not the success of LBP in the long term but what is certain is that the title of Media Molecule has given the means to achieve its ambitions. With a visual universe that will date and a huge number of possibilities for creation is a poetic world, funny and sometimes twisted that the publisher offers the player-creator never impose a small moral : You play? Well, now create. "

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Mr_Bun3688d ago

It is actually a 10/10, but the review itself lost 3 points for being in french.

Darkseider3688d ago

Hey some people don't get it I guess. They should have localized a version for France. Included little wine bottles, some cheeses and maybe some of them funny little hats they wear. Ooooh and mimes... lots of mimes!

Pennywise3688d ago

Funniest comment of the day!!! Good one Bun.

arika3688d ago

i won't even read through this because this game have already been heralded as goty by 100 review critics and the new supermario of this gen, the game that miyamoto wished he made. as i said before review sites can be rigged because of money, fanboyism, persuasion, loyalty and just being delusional(like lightningps3ps3). so don't take it seriously.. try the most trust worthy one's like ign, they are very credible. if not try it yourself then be your own judge and that is always better...

3688d ago
TheTwelve3688d ago

I'm logging in just to give you props for that comment, Mr. Bun. May you have 20 bubbles one day.


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Fox013688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

and yet, here you are, posting "we don't care".

thematrix12983688d ago

He didn't read the review retard, so how what makes you think he cares about these newbie review sites?

Pennywise3688d ago

Fox just likes to troll. I dont think I have read a comment from him that has any substance to it. He just puts down anyone who likes sony and praises MS articles. He is a pathetic bottom feeder on the same level of pp.

Speaking of pp - Did they finally ban this guy??? Havent seen him today.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

'Gamekunt'!!! ;-D
(+There's a lot of kunts on this!!!) ;-D

I got it and it's a 10/10!!! ;-P It's AMAZING!!! ;-P

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colonel1793688d ago

I hate when they compare games to review games!... Why would they say something about Mario?, why would they say something about Gears of Wars 2 in Resistance review? Why would they say somehting about halo in killzone review? If I was looking for those games, I will play those games! Reviews suck!. Game A gets lower score because is not game B, and game B gets worse score because is not game C? come on!!.. that is BS... There really is a need for a structure in reviews. It should take into account the music, the gameplay, the difficuly, the story and the presentation, with absolutely NO comparison to other games. I don´t care how alike the could be, there should NOT be compare at all! So batman movie sucks because he can´t fly like superman?. give me a beak!

LightningPS3PS33688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

These little late arriving reviews. They seem to hold a grudge cause they were late to the party or something.

Just serving to lower the games average down on metacritic.

That always happends.

Heaven_Or_Hell3688d ago

Not my fault if the review comes that late ^^
This site is the 2nd biggest site in France ;)

Fox013688d ago

Gamekult is the equivalent of Edge in terms of reviews; they're very harsh and they've never given a game a 10 (since no game is perfect), plus very, very few games score 9s in Gamekult.

So, coming from Gamekult, 7 is a very good score and if you read the comments on the site, it's readers seem very pleased about the score, coz they know that, first of all, 7 is a good score and second, 7 from Gamekult is like 8, 9 from other websites.

yog-sothot3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )


Gamekult often gives poor score, indeed, but in terms of quality, they are far from Edge. There are simply NO good website about videogames in french (I'm a native french speaker... belgian actually), or just small or specialised sites (well... is Ok imo). If you want to read something decent about videogames in french, you must try some magazine (Personally I like joypad, which is the french "partner" of Edge)


Why ? because I dont listen to them . I never have and I never will. Why would i subject myself to someone else picking the games I want to play . These reviewers are just some smudge who like me is sitting in front of TV playing games . The only difference is he landed a good job playing games . Do folks really not buy games because of a review ? I can understand if you played the demo or in the beta and hate it . But to not buy because its a game you been wanting and only reason you didnt buy it was because some dude who has different taste than you told you it sucs... just wow lemmings

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