Magic 8-ball: Is Obama Good for Video Games?

The question on everyone's mind, I'm sure. I, personally, believe that an Obama victory over McCain would have little to no effect on the gaming industry.

However, supposition is supposition and facts are facts. So let's go over the facts...

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CrippleH3660d ago

Obama doesn't need a sad scapegoat like others.

He will be to busy with plans for the Economy, Energy, Foreign Policy, Stopping the pointless war in Iraq, Capturing Bin Ladin, Getting along with those republicans that got us into this mess, and etc.

Timesplitter143660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I don't give a damn if he's good or bad for the gaming industry. There are things in life that are more important, like preventing brainless idiots from continuing an illegitimate war.

Obama is one of the best things to happen to humanity in a long time. And I'm not American. I'm Canadian. My country's economy will take a hit because of Obama, but I don't care. Like I said, it's the price to pay for a better world and a more mature president.

You've probably heard all those congratulations and cheers from around the world. This means something. McCain only has a chance in the US. I don't think other countries would've even considered him with the arrival of Obama.

McCain wanted war, much less taxes for the rich and almost nothing for the poor and middle-class... can you get any more evil? It's as if he did this on purpose. Oh and don't forget about ''bomb bomb Iran'', which was particularly unacceptable.

Anyway, good luck Obama