Burnout Legendary Cars

Brodiesan over at PS3 Attitude writes:
"It's Friday and, as promised, Criterion have announced the second of the weekly reveals. Last week we found out about the new Party pack coming in February. This week, Criterion unveil a new level of awesomeness: coming in 2009 to a virtual dealership near you: The Jansen 88 Special."

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freakyzeeky3665d ago

Where this game is going, it won't need roads! :O

nbsmatambo3665d ago

talk about dedicated support =)

arvfab3665d ago

Isn't the car on the pic the Delorean from Back to the Future?

Brodiesan3665d ago

But it does look a bit like it ...

ar3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Probably inspired by, but not 100% accurate to prevent lawsuits.

MaximusPrime3665d ago

the games just get better.


psnSkareFace3665d ago

makes me want 2 buy dat game again

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