Top 10 PS3 tips and tricks

The PS3, you can do a lot with Sony's games console, such as playing games and watching Blu-ray movies. But there is more, much more to the console than meets the eye. This is Absolute Gadget's guide to getting the most out of you next-generation console.

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sinncross3690d ago

I wudnt call these tricks.. i mean, surely ppl know all of these already? and some are rather odd... free phone calls? The person needs a PS3 is nots like an amazing bypass to regular everyday communication... its just a normal thing ud expect if u had a PS3 and eyetoy and friends.
Region free games? IF ppl don't actually know about these then I apologize, but I'm sure every knows these.

i can see tipis 7 and 8 being ones some ppl may not know about, with tip 7 actually having more use then what was explained.

And tip 10, is that not illegal? I dunno i cud be wrong on that but sharing the downloads uve bought with other ppl seems rather.. i dunno, sorry ill admit im not clued up on that on1, i just keep my bought items to myself.

Ben10543690d ago

he might aswell say "#11, if you go to a shop, buy a ps3 game and insert it into your ps3, you can actually play it"

Jager3690d ago

@ Sin

No, tip #10 is not illegal, my clan did that with the CoD4 map pack. a few guys bought it, let other clan members log into their accounts, download the map pack (Free :D) and presto, whole clan has the map pack while only using 50 dollars.

BrianC62343690d ago

I don't know what tip 10 is. I got tired of all the congratulations, you won blah blah blah messages I got every time I clicked next. That first tip about downloading saves seems more like cheating than a tip though.

Nitrowolf23690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I think i found a new one.
i didnt notice this one b4, so it must have came in a FW 2.4 or up (not last one havnt downloaded it yet)

You can play movies in order with out it pausing now, before it would pause and you would need to exit that clip now it goes to the next one automatically.

idk i never notice that just found out

Nikkelz3690d ago

and the people i work with are snitches and brown nosers so i dont trust them enuff to talk to em like that,so im a lil jealous of the fact that i
cant get down with the game sharing thing lol.....oh well lol

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The story is too old to be commented.