Five Rare Square Enix Games That Need DS Remakes

Bright Hub writes: Few third-party developers have supported the DS anywhere near as well as Square Enix has. Over the past few years, the renowned publishing giant has released such titles as Children of Mana, Final Fantasy III, Front Mission, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. In 2008 alone, they also released remakes of three classic Super NES RPGs -- Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest IV and Chrono Trigger -- as well as other critically acclaimed titles like The World Ends With You and Space Invaders Extreme.

With Square Enix showing such support for the Nintendo handheld, as well as a willingness to tap into their back catalog for dual-screen ports, here's a list of five more classics we'd love to see the mega-publisher revisit on the DS.

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