Lara vs Nathan... graphic comparison

RoG write: On the eve of the return on the market for the beautiful English archaeologist, set for next week, seize the opportunity to put a clear comparison between the forerunner and his closest heir ...

... Nathan Drake manages to wrest a Lara Croft the scepter of the most famous of video games? (And not only ..) maybe not today, maybe even ever thanks to the curves of the beautiful and all'appeal archaeologist but certainly work on the PS3 by Naughty Dog has incredible

Soon complete the review and in the meantime:

To you the pictures and comments ...

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ape0073661d ago

uncharted is an amazing game

can't wait for uncharted 2

LightningPS3PS33661d ago

It's like they're comparing screen shots from different gens.

Nathan wins easily.

Mr_Bun3661d ago

Lara's the one with the bigger "guns"

iamtehpwn3661d ago

Uncharted has nearly the same concept as Tomb Raider, But Uncharted is a thousand times greater than Tomb Raider could ever even hope to be.

Uncharted > Tomb Raider
By a landslide - and I'm just talking about game play wise.

Though, it's Graphics win too.

arika3661d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

@ lightning ps3ps3 it's a good thing you drank your meds already you sound normal again, lol. yah i agree with you guys.. it's just unfortunate that tombraider will always be compared to uncharted because you all can see there is no competition here... although nathan has to thank lara for getting to where he is right now...uncharted is still the best tombraiding game ever to come out this gen..

joydestroy3661d ago

yup, Uncharted easily. Uncharted 2 is gonna blow people away i think. that's because the ground work has already been laid out. it's hard to imagine it could be better though.

3660d ago
Doppy3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Let's be honest here.

Uncharted's has better character models, better textures, and better lighting.

Tomb Raiders has more realistic grass patches (Uncharted has those spiky things in the ground), and from these screens Tomb Raider may have better shadows if it's consistent since I know Uncharted has great shadows as well.

Overall Uncharted looks better, and I'm sure it will be the better game. As far as Uncharted 2 I think the game would be better if it was more open world, not like a GTA or anything, but you know how MGS4 had different routes you could take to get to the same place they should add that and let you explore the forest and temples some more. Oh and they need to fix Nate's platforming animations and make it a little challenging. He looks like a monkey, and he's suppose to be this average Joe, so give it more of an Assassin's Creed look with a hint of Assassin's Creed feel to it,. It was far to easy to jump from section to section and you could even stay on a limb that was going to break without it falling. Give more danger to the platforming without making it overly difficult.

MNicholas3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I am stunned by the sheer beauty of the graphics. The clothes actually look wet and heavy. The skin shaders are easily the best for in-game graphics. For example, you can easily see the subtle undulations on the wrists formed by tendons, veins and muscles or the lighting realistically shining off, as well as through, the skin. Amazing. Add to that the superb environmental textures and it's clear that there isn't a much that Naughty Dog needs to do to improve the engine for their next game. It's already at the top of the heap for this kind of game.

Tomb Raider? It was a good effort. You can see that they really put some thought into the design and it shows (although the person who designed the character models ought to be shot). Still, their technology is simply not in the same league as Naughty Dog's.

Doppy3660d ago

OK I just downloaded the Tomb Raider director trailer on PSN, and I have to say it looks A LOT BETTER than these pictures, the animations are incredible, the graphics are just as good as Uncharted but it had better vegetation, and the gun play is a lot better than previous Tomb Raiders and finally fills next gen.

But it did have problems and the game is releasing this month I believe. The framerate was OK, there was some minor but occasional slow down, and the enemies so far have been nothing but animals like tigers, and giant salamanders which still sucks, but I'm much more impressed by this game now, and Uncharted looks like it may have some competition from Lara this go round.

XxZxX3660d ago

skin texture, Lara model look like very plastic.
Easily go to Nathan.

sumguy813660d ago

both games look pretty bad.

not sure why you ppl hold uncharted to such high standards. it's one of the worst games i've played in the last year.

MaximusPrime3660d ago

Tomb Raider is a great game. i played all series since since Tomb Raider 1 (PS1).

Graphically, Uncharted wins.
Best storyline would be Tomb Raider.

slayorofgods3660d ago

Tomb Raider 1 - 3 were very innovative and graphically superior games. However, eventually the series compleatly sold out!! The game is now multiplatform including on P.C. to garentee that it will rake in the cash. However, this lowers the demand for graphic exellence and innovation and banks on the image of Laura Croft instead. With upcoming games like uncharted there is a high demand for graphic exellence and innovation to get the game noticed. This is why these games are looking better.

Alot of the continuing franchises are failing to deliver such as Silent Hill and Alone in the dark because the franchises become sell outs and forget why the games were once fun to play.

na2ru13660d ago

excellent point about TR

agentOFchaos3660d ago

true that!uncharted is just high above what this game is.imagine if it was made soley on the ps3.that would have been something.its too bad that they had to make it even with the 360 cause that piece of junk is holding back what could have been graphically equal with drake's fortune high end graphics.its a dang shame.

sumguy813660d ago

total fanboy comment. what do you know about the industry, game design, or development to make a ridiculous claim like that?

grow up

Rock Bottom3660d ago

Lara has the bigger boobs, other than that Uncharted wins every thing else.

Doppy3657d ago

I'm telling you download the trailer. The gameplay looks a lot better than you think. I don't know if it'll be as good as Uncharted, but it looks promising.

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hay3661d ago

I'll vote for Nate. I like more how the environment looks and protagonist have a lot more details in himself too. Lara looks like a doll. Plastic fantastic.
Although I didn't see much of TR in those low res pictures I didn't found such cool shaders in them as were in Uncharted. Wet Nate FTW! He'll always have a special place in my heart ; p

SaiyanFury3660d ago

Lara looks as good as always, and no doubt the new TR looks good overall, but I'd have to give the overall game nod to Uncharted. Graphics aside, Uncharted has the better gameplay. Similar in style, but Uncharted will most likely have the better gameplay engine. The duck and cover system in Uncharted makes the gunplay a lot of fun. The run and gun system in TR is somewhat dated. I'm not saying that Uncharted's gameplay is original or new, but it works and what's in the game definitely works and the game shows a lot of polish. Typical of Naughty Dog quality. I can't wait for the new Uncharted sequel as well as the upcoming Jak 4 on PS3.

Armageddon Knight3661d ago

Uncharted makes Tomb raider look like crap

JOLLY13660d ago

I just thought I would spoil the ending to this console war. I am glad i haven't got hit with the GoW ending, but now I have spoiled the ending of something for all of the whiney kids out there.

NickIni3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Real gamers don't care about who will "win the console war", they want to play their games. There won't be a winner of the console war, neither side will admit defeat, and a different console will win in each person's mind.

If you were a gamer, you wouldn't care about the "winner of the console war" either. But evidentially, your not.

heyheyhey3660d ago

ouch.. i wouldn't say that if i were you JOLLY1... your asking for it

if i were you i wouldn't open any PM's.. not that Gears has a compelling story

JOLLY13660d ago

I got around $100 dollars in free swag. The backpack is rad.

aaron233660d ago

for x360 console war is over

2008 is the last year for x360 in console war
PS3 will beat x360 in WW sales this year too

but in 2009 it will be by massive margin
suka puka aka jolly the bastard

motherfuccer still thinks x360 has any chance in console war


4m units advantage will soon be gone

ELite_Ghost3660d ago

lol a 1 year old game beats a game that's not even out! sad...

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dale13661d ago

plastic doll versus uncharted no comparison needed, doom raider doesn,t look close

thor3661d ago

You can barely see any difference between the games at the low resolution of the thumbnail pics.

BUT!!! You can clearly see that Uncharted is superior when you view them full-size!!


What's that? A lower resolution covers up artifacts? But I had 8 people disagree with me and 3 agree!!! Right here (Comment 2.2) -

I said I AGREE that KZ2 looks great but that saying "It looks great even though it's low res" is WRONG. I KNOW that KZ2 looks good in hi-res, but in OTHER GAMES where there are INPERFECTIONS, the low-res COVERS UP THE FLAWS SO THE SCREENS LOOK BETTER.