GamerTM: LittleBigPlanet Review

GamerTM writes: "Size does matter. Anyone that says any different is simply ashamed of something. Just look at some of the best games of recent times and try to tell us otherwise. Fallout 3 would have been bollocks if the game world had been no bigger than a suburban back yard, Gears 2 would lack a lot of its impact if all your foes were no bigger than 6'1 and we can only imagine the comedy that Bioshock would have offered had the Big Daddies been ironically named. So by that logic, then, a game featuring a selection of little cloth toys as its central characters must be braced for catastrophic failure, right? Oh no. Because while LittleBigPlanet's stars might be slight in stature, the game's scope and ambition stand taller than the biggest people we know all standing on one another's shoulders. And we know some pretty big people."

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Johnny Rotten3661d ago

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AngryHippo3661d ago Johnny Rotten, much appreciated, bubbles up for you.

AngryHippo3661d ago

....can be frustrating at times especially one of the later story levels in particular. Its so much fun when a group of friends play it online though, could not stop laughing when myself and another friend were in one of our mutual friends pods waiting for him to select the level for us to play. While he was selecting the level myself and my friend decided to decorate the back of his head with flowers, giant ears and donkey tails. It was hilarious.

I have really missed that from gaming lately, FUN. Thats why LBP should get GOTY 2008 in my opinion hands down. Its original, creative and fun and deserves to in my book.

Brixxer6003661d ago

This game should come with a government health warning

"More addictive than crack cocaine"