IncGamers: Gears of War 2 Review

The long-awaited sequel to Epic's macho shooter is here. Is it "bigger, better and more badass" as Cliffy B promised?

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Leord3324d ago

A nine?! That's pretty high...

thetamer3324d ago

Disappointed in this game so far, but not yet finished it. I'll see whether I agree it's a nine when I'm done.

Good review though

Panthers3324d ago

The game looks awesome, but I thought that boss fight with the water creature looked lame. I mean you run inside its mouth to shoot these dangly things? But otherwise the game looks phenomenal.

SeNiLe9113324d ago

I need to finish up the campaign still, to many friends on last night to just do 2 player co-op so we all jumped into Horde mode. Horde mode will never get old, what a blast. Made it through all 50 waves, even did 30 of them on Hardcore, man is that tough. Before that was trying insane, yeah, that's INSANE!!!

martynmj3324d ago

Looks like an epic sequel can't wait to pick up a copy :D

Dorjan3324d ago

I really want to grab a copy and lock myself in for a day playing this!

Sounds ace!

Maticus3324d ago

It looks very impressive

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