Top 10 Video Game Quotes of all Time

Great article about the greatest quotes in Video Game history.

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DDP3570d ago

Another funny funny article from Old-Wizard. I love this site.

Perjoss3570d ago

very nice list but something is MISSING!!!

"Wizard, shot the food!"

ThatArtGuy3569d ago

And "Blue Elf is about to die!"

The top 2 I would have never remembered if it weren't for this list. Not exactly memorable.

InMyOpinion3569d ago

"Eat sh!t and die!" /Duke Nukem.

Liquid_Ocelot3569d ago

"LIQUID!!" -Snake
"SNAKE!!" -Liquid

TheDude2dot03569d ago

I remember I was so pissed off everytime Toad would say that Peach was in a different castle. It's like writing a 1000 page book, then have the ending as a person waking up from a dream.

MisfitSmurf3569d ago

i was hoping number one would be the congratulations screen of ghost busters for the nes

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DDP3570d ago

Funny Funny article

tinydancer3570d ago

liked how they tied zug zug to socialism.

IzKyD13313570d ago


Stoneroses63003570d ago

Great article. I am Error! Ha. I forgot about that one. Great interpretation though.

Stoneroses63003570d ago

Great article. Why cant I be called error?

MountainMaverick3570d ago

Well written. ha. 2 Mario quotes though huh?

DDP3570d ago

and 2 from zelda...its old-wizard what do u expect?