PSW Give Call of Duty: World at War 10/10 - Better Than COD4

GOONL!NE: "So, I just got the latest issue of PSW (PlayStation World in the UK) where, to my knowledge anyways, they have the world's first review of Call of Duty: World at War. For anybody who's lived on mars for the past year or so since after the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the game is NOT being made by Infinity Ward but is infact being made by the devs of Call of Duty 3, Treyarch.

You will never guess what they gave the blumming thing..."

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Time Lord3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

have sold me, shame will have to use those crap WW2 guns

kosha3689d ago

The zombie mode was a big surprise but a good surprise

Socom3689d ago

And in COD, thats just a coop extra mode you unlock.

What does that say about COD World at war as a game? Incredible value. Thats what.

If it werent for Resistance 2, COD WAW would definitely be shooter of the year.

But my money is on R2 because R2 online and coop is absolutely SICK.
The 60 player is just insane and Insomniac has managed to deliver something with the 8 player coop no other shooter has ever done. Horde is for 5 year olds compared to R2 coop mode.

From now on in the gaming world, all other coop modes will be judged by R2s standard. Im being serious here. All other developers will look and borrow from R2.

BattleAxe3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Just finished R2, and what an amazing game. But the co-op is just...ok, and I say that because all you can do is play one level at a time and then the room closes and then you have to find another room. Theres no real story involved in the online co-op and it lacks continuity.

I have a feeling that CoD:WaW will have a better co-op where you continuously follow the story through the levels, kind of like Rainbow Six Vegas. RSV had the best co-op of any game in my opinion, and if you haven't tried it, go give it a try.

Bottom line, Both Resistance: FoM and R2 have awesome single player campaigns, but the online for both are nowhere near as good as Rainbow Six Vegas or CoD4.

OOG3689d ago

Socom no offence but honestly are you that much of a douche to say that the zombie mode in better then left 4 dead???? really??? are you that upset its on the 360 that youd say that? like come on dude....get some common sense.

Socom3689d ago

Its not even an exclusive game. I can get it on the PC. And its coming to the PS3 later aswell. So what is your point?

Fact is though, the extra mode in World at war offers more than the whole game Left4dead.

Thats why WAW has value. And as a gamer, thats one of the things I look for in a game.

You lack some serious braincells.

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shine13963689d ago

ah man...I was planning to save money by not getting this....

buy a ps33689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

rent it. from what I have seen it is better then cod4 but i the end it is the same game with a new sexier make over.

dale13689d ago

f*ck it i thought it might fail, now thats 20 quid bet i owe and 40 quid game to buy b*llocks

Panthers3689d ago

you edited bullocks lol. is that considered profanity?

bunbun7773689d ago

Super Hype or possibly COD4 in the skin of WW2 shooter?

With more brutality, and zombies, could this be the last great WW2 shooter?

Stay Tuned!

Nitrowolf23689d ago

i'll agree, when i first saw gameplay (5min ago) i instantly thought COD4

okcomputer3689d ago

Well, the multiplayer beta feels exactly like cod4. Its basically like a cod4 expansion pack with different weapons, maps and skins. I'm still undecided as to whether the vehicles are a good thing, but if the single player is as good as cod4's then there goes another $65. This season is absolutely packed with great games.

AngryHippo3689d ago

.....looks like great fun. Is this only unlocked upon completing the game. Man, i cant wait for this game. COD4 was awesome and this is even better.

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