Pocket Gamer: Hands on with WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 mobile

Pocket Gamer writes: "Wrestling is by far the most controversial of sports. Not because of its inherently glorified, violent nature, but because of its monumental grandstanding. It's a sport of epic melodrama, which is the source of both its appeal and its abhorrence. There's apparently no middle ground for viewers, either – you love it or you hate it, and although this latest addition to the mobile gaming franchise is obviously aimed at fans of the pseudo-sport, the polarising nature of WWE wrestling is impossible to ignore in the 2009 edition.

The SmackDown vs Raw series went 3D in 2008, which is no small feat on the mobile platform. Not considering the grand scope of arenas and characters included to make SmackDown vs Raw a recognisable experience. And the 2009 version builds on these foundations, as unstable as they might have proven."

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