Eurogamer: Fallout 3: Triple Format Face-Off Article

Eurogamer writes: "One of the most important, and impressive games of the year, Fallout 3's 10/10 Eurogamer score means it deserves intensive Bonus Round cross-platform coverage. There's the usual array of screenshots and videos, combined with an extra dimension of analysis reserved for only the most significant of releases.

At its heart, like Oblivion before it, Bethesda's latest is primarily a PC game, so we thought it only fair to bring this version to the party. Think of it as the ultimate iteration; the game that the console versions aspire to be, and are clearly derived from. Powering the game for the purposes of this feature was a Q6600 quad-core CPU, an NVIDIA 8800GT, 2GB of 800MHz RAM, a fresh install of Windows XP and a bog-standard 80GB hard disk. In short, a relatively inexpensive computer: knock the CPU down to a dual-core and we'd be talking PS3 money. We played at the game's suggested defaults for this level (i.e. 'high' quality) and ramped up the LOD effects on all scenery."

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