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Gameplayer has gone live with the world's first review of EA's unique Sci-fi game that looks to mix parkour inspired gameplay with a true first-person perspective. According to this review they've had mixed results.

"It's a true sci-fi experience, with other-worldly music, a unique colour palette, a futuristic setting and unconventional Parkour-inspired gameplay. All this from a developer who, to date, has been content to carve out a niche in the online war genre through their Battlefield series. This is something new, something fresh and it cannot be ignored. But at the end of the day, is it any fun?"

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SlappingOysters3666d ago

I love seeing ambition from game's developers, but it looks like DICE may have aimed a little too high and fallen a bit short.

A shame.

Still, not a terrible score and I think i will still give this a shot.

SL1M DADDY3666d ago

For an untested new IP. Something that I have never seen in this gen or any other and it gets an 8 first time around, now that is very acceptable IMHO.

Diamondwolf3666d ago

Supporting Dice because they took a risk, developed a new creative IP and 8 is not a bad score, especially since the demo was awesome.

What sucks is an 8 is "acceptable" on multiplatform games but had this been exclusive, the opposing console owners would have been screaming "Flopppppppppp"

I wish everyone had more open minds and more risks/rewards would be produced.

Good job DICE

himdeel3666d ago

...felt after playing the demo that this game has the potential to be a fresh approach to the FP gaming experience but thought it'd get boring after a while.

Still worth renting. The score they gave is a good one, but I'm just not buying multiplats this season. One game a month per system for me from here on out because there are just so many games I want to buy.

dj_funky3666d ago

mirror's edge deserve at least a 9.. check out the last and final trailer which kicks a$$. getting this next week for sure.

No Way3666d ago

"Still, not a terrible score and I think i will still give this a shot." Wow! an 8 out of 10 is a.. terrible score? What's an okay score, a 10?

I'll be picking this game up, just not sure when as there are games I want to play more than this. I just hope that there is plenty of fighting and action and not just running.

Well, I'm glad to see a company take a risk, and it seems it may pay off well for them. Good Job DICE.

SlappingOysters3666d ago

not a terrible score. NOT. Did you even read the quote you took from me????

No Way3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I agree.. DICE took a risk, and it worked out for them, so we should support that, & buy the game.

No Way3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Yes. I did. But, when you say "Still, not a terrible score" for an 8, it makes it sound like it's a really bad score, it's just not... terrible.

An 8 is a Great Score.. So, I ask you, what's a terrible score? A 7?

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Danja3666d ago

not a bad score...still getting this game cuz i really enjoyed the demo...

thereapersson3666d ago

Decent score!

This hearkens back to the days when an 8/10 was nothing to scoff at. With such a unique, innovative IP, i'm surprised that DICE pulled off as much as they did with this new entry. Kudos to DICE!

I will buy buying this.

HighDefinition3666d ago

Is a great score especially for a NEW IP that`s trying to be a little innovative instead of the fitting the mold.

CliffyBs15YearOldBF3666d ago

Heck I think this game is gonna be one of the best I play all year. People wanna give it 8's thats fine by me. I just want honest ratings again :-(
But regardless of the critics opinion I NEED THIS GAME!

yeah 8 is a solid score. An 8 can easily be goty to the right person

Perjoss3666d ago

and maybe you could teach your boyfriend how to play it, 'cos apparently he don't quite understand it.

sorry_no_CODs3666d ago

8/10 for a new IP that takes as big of a risk as ME does? Not bad at all!!

Although, why the heck were there so many comparisons to HL2 when they are in no way similar? Ridiculous.

Also, voted best to play while high? That reduces credibility of the review by a lot.

SlappingOysters3666d ago

a.) He does point out that it wins on innovation but loses out on consistant gameplay fun.

b.) You haven't played it, how do you know it does not have similarities with HL2 - the way it was written made perfect sense to me.

c.) It doesn't say vote for it, it says should it. And bringing up credibilty is silly when the site is obvioulsy known, respected and entrenched enough to be given first dibs globally by EA. I remember that they were also first on Fable II, Far Cry 2, EndWar and were one of the first from Gears.

Why am I saying all this: cause I think you should have a little faith

GarandShooter3666d ago

He does have in faith, just in Faith, not GamePlayer. I've played Half-Life 2 as well, and I don't get the comparisons, and while HL2 is a great game, I don't believe it was universally proclaimed as the FPS measuring stick.

SlappingOysters3666d ago

well my memory of Half-Life 2's chase sequences are that they were perfectly executed and paced. The review suggests that Mirror's Edge needs that same perfection and only hits some of the time.

But then again I can think laterally.

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