Dead Rising 2 Finally Confirmed

Canadian outfit 'Blue Castle' have confirmed they are working on Dead Rising 2.

This was rumoured last year but this news marks the first solid confirmation that Dead Rising will be getting a well deserved sequel.

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sonarus3665d ago

One more great title that began life on the 360 but will now be joining the playstation family:)

Bleem3603665d ago

Perhaps - but as the story says, no platforms announced yet.

Zerodin3665d ago

Besides, all of PS3s biggest Franchises were stolen from other consoles, so shut up.

BLUR1113665d ago

well that is what sony gets for stealing metal gear and final fantasy from Nintendo

BYE3665d ago

Common, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII on a Wii?

Be grateful that you can play it on a HD console.

CloudsEnd3665d ago

Yo r3tard, the Metal Gear was first released on MSX a Microsoft Japan / Sony Console,
i mean, if you dont know what u are talkin about, just shut up.
The MG for NES was a downgraded gimped version.

Such r3tards on this website.

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Bleem3603665d ago

Fix the bloody save system and i'll be happy!

JsonHenry3665d ago

I did not care for the whole "gotta get it done by this time" thing myself. But to a lesser extent I agree with you on the save system as well.

kevnb3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

the save system made the game work much better. Games where you just respawn 2 feet from where you were are annoying. They probably will "fix" the save system as well as ruin everything else about the game. I loved the first, but have no interest at all in the sequel. Typical of capcom, they arent even using the same devs or producer... so whats the point of it being a sequel?

prowiew3665d ago

YES. Loved the first one. One of my favorite games in recent years. But, 'blue castle', who?

Bnet3433665d ago

Canadian outfit Blue Castle? Dear god that sounds bad. What do Canadians know about zombies amirite? No srsly, do zombies even exist in Canada? Probably not. lol jk buy ummm I wish Capcom was doing it.

InMyOpinion3665d ago

And throw away the annoying time limit!

kevnb3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Im Canadian, there are all kinds of zombies up here... they are always trying to tear down my igloo eh. Anyway, blue castle are only known for sports games so far. There are however a few great Canadian devs like bioware and Ubisoft Montreal.

jtucker783665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

No one had heard of Media Molecule before LBP... Blue Castle could turn out OK.

...they could also turn out utter sh1t, in which case, forget I even spoke(wrote).

Mozilla893665d ago

Hey Canadians made Fido, a movie about a boy and his pet zombie. They know quite a bit about zombies!

barom3665d ago

I don't think this a confirmation. If you read the article it says "our source tells use" and so forth. At the very least it's not an official announcement. In other words, this is still a rumor.

Gam713665d ago

I hear Canada has what you could call zombies. Slow moving, dim witted, mumbling and aimless.

They're called american tourist.


shovelbum3665d ago

It's about darn time! Just revisited the first one last month and enjoyed it more the second time around.

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xaphanze3665d ago

It's coming for 360 that's for sure, but the question is if it's coming to ps3.

Forbidden_Darkness3665d ago

theres no confirmation of it coming to the 360, for all we know it could be a DS exclusive

heyheyhey3665d ago

according to OPM (and various other sources) DR2 is bound for all platforms... but does that really come as a surprise? it's Capcom after all

the other rumor is that the game is set in a desert village.. which sounds a little too derivative for my taste... i like the whole "crysis in a popular urban environment" idea

Nitrowolf23665d ago

well according to capcom they dont do exclusive for 360 nor ps3

JD_Shadow3665d ago

...keep in mind that Capcom has been somewhat in bed with PSN, as well, so I have to think that they will give the PS3 love now with this.

They would have to port the original DR for the PS3 (can't remember if they did or not) in order for it to work, though.

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Why o why3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

logically the one with the most games wins the only thing in the ps3's way is its price. MS has no cards left zerodin. They have actively gone after the sony games but have left themselves short. For every dlc and timed sony has a whole game to compete in shear number. MS are like 'We have this too', 'we have that too' whilst loosing its own identity at the same time. Good for 360 guys and consumers who 'want in' cheap and that is a perfectly legitimate tactic. The problem is what happens when the prices are closer again like they were last year when the ps3 outsold the 360. Sony still has studios to churn out the newer unstealable franchises whilst MS are relying on dlc and timed. Good tactic for the short term mind you but this gen will last for quite some time and im not sure where ms are heading. What im saying is just my observation so dont take it like im stating facts other than the part about numbers of studios.

please feel free to explain why you disagree

Bleem3603665d ago

Personally, I don't really see an issue with 2 platforms having the same games - Not everyone has both consoles at home. I don't see why PS3 or 360 owners should have to go without greats such as Fallout 3, Guitar Hero etc.

Each console has it's exclusives - MS has Halo, Gears etc and Sony has Resistance and Killzone.

In the end, developers who make games for more than 1 console make much more money than exclusives. And that can only be a good thing for the industry.

Why o why3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

but imagine if nintendo came in this gen with the same games as both sony and MS. Luckily they chose a different path whether the 'hardcore gamers' are upset or not. They tried to innovate a little and bring future hardcore gamers into gaming. Game sales are fine enough just being on 1 platform nowadays especially if the game is actually good. I remember the days when we just cared about if the game was fun first not how much it sold. Back then we didnt care about what the devs made but ill admit times have changed on that front. If i put that 'more money' logic to all games then there will be zero exclusives and nothing to differentiate the machines leading us into a period of less innovation and brand character. Im so glad sony chose a different path last gen and this one by channelling money into 1st n 2nd party devs. Some of the better games this gen have been exclusives and they build character imo


dont get me wrong. Id be pissed if we had 3 consoles with the same games. Im glad nintendo chose a different path. I just feel by making a console with the same games as the other there's no need to have both consoles and thats great if you look at it from that standpoint alone but what happens when there are zero 3rd party exclusives left? 1st/2nd party will be the defining reason why people will chose 1 console over the other (and price of course) which is why i feel MS have sold themselves short by using money that could of been spent on creation rather than 'we have that too', dlc and timed.

Bleem3603665d ago

You hit the nail on the head with your first line..

"but imagine.."

Why? This is the real world - I don't want to have to 'Imagine if'..

Imagine if Halo came to PS3
Imagine if Wii could do HD
Imagine if Microsoft did a handheld

Why o why3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

id buy a 360. Thats the way it should be. Its part of the xbox brand to me. I dont want the ps3 to become a mr mee too. I wont buy a Merc expecting the features of a BMW or vice versa (extreme analogy i know)

ELite_Ghost3665d ago

short answer: exclusives...

kevnb3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

the 360 and ps3 are comparable in power, and microsoft and sony treat third parties about the same. Microsoft doesn't have to steal anything, devs want to expand their target audience not cater to fanboys. In the pre-xbox days sony got alot of third party support because Nintendo is harder for third parties to deal with.

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MK_Red3665d ago

F***. All my fave horror games are being ruined. First Konami killed Silent Hill be giving it to a western dev and now Capcom is doing the same with Dead Rising.

Bleem3603665d ago

I dunno about that buddy - Dead Space and Left 4 Dead are both coming from western development studios. We all know Dead Space is supposed to be ace, and Left 4 Dead is looking to go that way too.

Don't be so defeatest about it - chin up, it could still be good!

MK_Red3665d ago

I love Dead Space. I'm also a fan of western devs but Silent Hill is a Japanese game in its heart and so is Dead Rising. Sure, they take place in west but they have the classic eastern dev's design and with western devs, even if the new Dead Rising turns out good, it's still not like Dead Rising 1.

JsonHenry3665d ago

I thought Homecoming was the best SH since SH2.

Figboy3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

and this is coming from a Silent Hill nut.

i own the PS1 original, and 2-Origins on my PS3. i bought Homecoming day ONE, and it sucked. plane and simple.

it did some things right with the controls, and the GUI, but the atmosphere was GONE. the very Japanese "WTF WAS THAT??" moments were all gone, but even WORSE, was the fact that EVERY.SINGLE.SCARE was predictable.

me and my fiance were literally calling out the "scares" in the game.

what made the original Silent Hills work so much, was the unpredictable nature of the scenario and it's enemy encounters. you never knew what was around the corner. even though, in your heightened sense of fear, you SUSPECTED that a monster would jump out at you, when it DIDN'T you were still terrified because you just didn't know. and then, just when you were coming down, BAM, monster attack.

even the story in Homecoming lacked the psychological, Jacobs-ladder esque, feel of part 1 and 2. we never got into the character's head, and there was no room for analyzing the events afterwords.

in SH2, you were able to form a theory of the events, or read into who characters like Angela, Maria, Eddie, Laura, and even Pyramid head were. Homecoming was generic. while Alex wasn't a bad guy, he wasn't an interesting character. and the whole, "i have to go to Silent Hill to find someone" schtick is pretty damn tired.

personally, i'd have rather played an investigative reporter who is looking into why so many god-damned people go to this town and disappear. as the game progresses, he will uncover a lot of the town's sordid history (dating well back into the 1800's, but at the cost of his own sanity, as his inner demons and skeletons start to haunt him.

my theory on Silent Hill, the town, and the events of the first four games (in particular 1 and 2, which are the best to me, although i love 3 also), is the town is almost like a purgatory, or even the individuals own personal hell. Pyramid head, for example, had no place in Homecoming. to me, Pyramid head was Jame's punishment for events i won't spoil for those that may not have played the game through to the end. it also explains why the town is different in nearly every game (except for 2 and 3, where the layout was the same, but 1, 2, Origins, The Room, and Homecoming all have different layouts). it shapes itself to suit the individual that is trapped there.

also, there wasn't much exploring of the town itself. my favorite part of Silent Hill was wandering the streets, looking for secrets and notes, that further explain the history of the town. we learned NOTHING about Silent Hill, and not much more about Shepherd's Glen.

Homecoming had some interesting moments, but it was such a recycling of previous concepts and ideas of Silent Hill, with horribly predictable scares, and what i call, the "Xboxing of gaming," with it's sudden emphasis on combat with a capable protagonist, instead of tense exploration and a feeling of helplessness because the character is an everyman (Harry was a writer, James was, hell, i don't know, Heather was a young woman, Henry was a regular guy), and not some soldier who knows how to use every firearms.

confrontations with enemies was something to be FEARED in the previous Silent Hills. not anticipated. i mean, in a real world scenario, why the F*CK would you want to fight these things?? you would RUN. and most of the time, in the early Silent Hills, you WOULD. in Homecoming, you pretty much have to kill EVERY SINGLE ENEMY, because generally, there's no way around it. they follow you into the next room (which is scary), but because ammunition is so sparse at the start of the game, you end up using up quite a few health packs because you CAN'T avoid the confrontation when the room is so tiny, and the enemy is blocking the only way out, and they have an attack that can reach across the room (i'm looking at YOU, smoking creature that shoots unblockable goo at about 100 feet).

never mind that melee attacking is generally useless, with the knife being the best weapon in the game THE ENTIRE TIME, as most enemies are too fast for you to effectively counterattack.

speaking of counterattacks: COUNTER ATTACKS? in SILENT HILL?? what the f*ck? it's a survival HORROR game! it's not Resident Evil 4. Silent Hill prided itself on not being Resident Evil. it's how it got it's respect from survival horror fans. it was more a horror adventure game, while RE was more of a B Movie action/horror game. Homecoming tries to hard to be action oriented, and it doesn't fit with the SH world. the western developers did this to, once again, appeal to the Xbox 360 Achievement crowd. i mean, how much fun would a "read this amount of notes" Achievement be to get? but a "counterattack this many enemies" is right up their alley.

the Silent Hill franchise is dead to me now. it peaked at 2, with 3 being damn good in it's own right, and 4 just being weird, but still tied to Silent Hill in some way (as it focused on Walter Sullivan and his history). Homecoming has almost nothing to do with Silent Hill, as the majority of the time you're in Shepherd's Glenn, and you don't learn anything new about Silent Hill that you didn't learn in the previous 5 games in the series (even Origins).

the Siren franchise (well, the new PSN title), is more Silent Hill than Silent Hill. which makes sense, considering that it was CREATED BY the guy who created the Silent Hill series.

sorry for the rant, but i'm a huge Silent Hill fan, like i said before, and Homecoming was the biggest disappointment in the series by far.

Western devs are most certainly free to mess with their OWN original ideas and concepts(ie, Dead Space = awesome), but they should leave classic franchises alone (well, Metroid Prime was a surprise to us all, but it's an exception to the rule, not the standard).

MK_Red3664d ago

Well said Figboy. Bubbles for you.

N4Flamers3664d ago

I haven't played homecoming, but i have to say I agree with you, about every frigging thing you said. You happen to mention everything i liked about silent hill, i loved the fact that it was more about the atmosphere than the fighting. I loved that you were allways wondering how you were going to survive. Man I wish they would make a game where you didnt have to kill everything. Mirrors edge is starting to look good to me.

Oh and im sure you know this by now but SH 4 was intended to be a stand alone game but got tied to the sirries later on in developement, I have to say between 2 and 4 I cant decide which is my fave, for the story 2 takes it though, I love the psychology behind everything including the monsters, now that was a well thought out game.

how ever I played dead rising for an insane amount of hours. almost have every achievement except for frank the pimp and outdoorman, what can i say after the survivor achievements the rest didnt seem hard enough, I would like to see a sequel and that game isnt nearly as hard to get right.

Figboy3664d ago

and N4Flamers, yeah, i knew SH4 was supposed to be Team Silent's new survival horror series, but the powers at be said, "hey, Silent Hill is popular, lets slap the name on it and cash in on the SH fans!"

i would have preferred The Room being a totally new survival horror series, as i would have accepted it's gameplay more (ie, the invincible ghosts).

i hated that they basically shoehorned Silent Hill into the narrative.

but oddly enough, it feels more like Silent Hill than Homecoming does, and you don't even GO to Silent Hill in The Room (not really, the outskirts don't really count as going to Silent Hill).

i wouldn 't waste my time with Homecoming if i were you, and i regret buying it (i wish i had spent the money on a Dead Space pre-order instead, now THAT game is scary, AND original). i traded it in, but for half of what i paid for it. so i'm REALLY pissed off about it. waste of $64. even the new Alone in the Dark on the PS3 is better, and that game sucks too.

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