The Complete History of Atari

""Atari" is a term from the Chinese strategy game Go, and refers to a stone or a group of stones that are in danger of being taken by ones opponent. It's an apt name, since Atari's history has been characterised by a number of mergers, takeovers and buyouts. In fact, it's a little difficult to distinguish what exactly is the "true" Atari. You'll want to sit down: this is going to be a discursive ride…" - from gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3662d ago

Everytime I read them I end up learning something new and awesome I had no idea of before!!!

Marcello3662d ago

Atari 2600
In the box
CPU: 8-bit 6507 (1.19MHz)
RAM: 128 Bytes
Colors: 16 (4 on screen)
Game Media:Cartridge
Resolution: 192x160
Sound: 2-channel

Those specs are just joke nowadays 1.19MHz !!!!!! 128 Bytes just over 1/10 of a KB :o

I had one of these back in 1980 when i was a kid of about 8 with Space Invaders cost about 250 quid at the time :o boy does this take me back :/