Are You a Gaming Addict?

Phreaky from PS3 Attitude writes: "While carrying out some research for another article, I found myself sidetracked looking into gaming addiction. As with most other forms of addiction, most people don't know that they have a problem. Further reading surprised me in that I display one or two of the symptoms of gaming addiction. Should I be worried? And how common is gaming addiction anyway?

According to the Byron Report, gaming addicts are far less common than people think. Apparently you need to display a number of the following criteria in order to be considered a potential addict. Click through for the skinny on the signs and find out if you class as an addict."

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Why o why3663d ago

ive known many who have let gaming detract them from studies, work and even partners. There's an even bigger addiction out there though and that is 'gaming site addiction' this addiction can change even the most rational and sombre people into raging fanatics;)

phreaky3663d ago

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robotnik3663d ago

There are many addicts in FFXI and WoW. In FFXI you can see them wearing a blue cap.

There are guys that have every job leveled to the max. And thats not easy, neither fun.

ArtisianDragon3663d ago

I remember seeing quite a few in FFXI before I quit who were either in my group just maxing out something for a subclass or where helping us power-level through certain parts. I've gotta say games like those it's easy to get addicted to, especially when their is always something new being added, some new foe you haven't faced, and perhaps some item that you may have missed. Not to mention the expansions (Separate from regular updates) that keep the people their, as well as the friends they have made within' the game itself.

Astric3663d ago

I find myself smiling at your FFXI references. :) Which server were you playing on? I was on Phoenix, and I had a couple of friends who were seriously thinking to get Maat's cap. Thankfully, though, those same friends helped me cut my FFXI addiction.

robotnik3663d ago

I used to play on Ragnarok, tbh I was kinda addicted too. The game is so big that you feel the urge to explore more and more.

But after my friends left to WoW and the introduction of Treasures of Aht Urghan, or whatever is called, I felt like the game was broken.
Played for a little while and now I'm out, I dunno, this game feels more like grind fest now. But sure had a great time when I was a rookie.

If I remember correctly my playtime was 250 days <_<. Yeah, that's quite a bit. But this guy with the blue cap had something like 500........

But I might come back someday if Square adds something cool.

ArtisianDragon3663d ago

AhtU was pretty interesting, spent quite a bit of XP trying to get that puppet master :p. Though I think one thing they should really think about doing at least for the time being is adding a race and expanding a bit on the lore. Seriously the game was major fun when it first came out and loved the heck out of it with friends. Though when WoW came out the main reason they left was due to the fact of "Their are more races than FFXI that you can play as." Don't get me wrong I love the selection so far, but I feel it has been quite some time they could expand upon it, friend even got mad because he could not be a male neko..? (Forgot the name.) I just think that each new expansion brings a new class to the table, new areas, no new races.

Another thing I hate is that if you quit and after three months stop playing you basically have to buy the game over again >_> they should get rid of that seriously, then maybe a lot more people will come back...

hay3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Cheers robotnik, I played RO for like 3 years, it was fun game.
Aren't Treasures of Aht Urhgan FF11 expansion not WoW? Bit confusing there.
Anyone here played EQ2? Great and immersive mmo.

Back on topic. I was gaming addict in the past as a teenager but I don't have time for it now and prefer beer, chicks and friends than spending time on games.
And I don't score friends, don't drink chicks and don't talk with beer.

robotnik3663d ago

@ Artisian

You hit the nail with the account deletion, that sucks a lot. But I think its a year now untill they take down it... not sure though. But nevertheless, it's just absurd to have your account deleted.

About the races, yeah, it would be cool to have more races. You are talking about Mithra, cat girls.


I played RO too! Favourite class was Assassin.
Yeah, Treasures of Aht Urghan is the third FFXI expansion.

1. Zilart
2 Chains of Promathia (the best IMO)
3 Treasures
4 Wings of the Goddess.

ArtisianDragon3663d ago

To 1.8:

Yeah I never will get why they did that, I mean I suppose I can see it a bit as trying to move discs and such but ultimately it seems like they would be wasting money since they would have to keep manufacturing them as well as the boxes for storage. Overall I think they should stop as I loved the POL thingy :/. Mithra that's it! Suppose another thing they could do is add a bit more variety to the races give you more custom-ability for making your character stand out, though I suppose the game ultimately isn't about that as quite a few people are still playing it to this day.

To 1.7:
Yep played EQ2, Forgot my account so I am unable to go back, as I cannot find my discs either! Truly a fun game, and loved the variety of classes they gave you at the beginning It felt like a D&D version of WoW, or something (Hard to find an analogy for it as it was simply that great.) I just saw to that they release a new expansion for it? I may just pone up and buy all the discs again and jump right into it, play it over the Christmas break seeing as their are no other console games I really want at the time.

hay3663d ago

@1.8: I prefered rogues and monks. It was great game back then but unfortunately it doesn't have what it takes to win my heart where so many great games on the market.

@1.9: EQ2 changes constantly so it's worth to give it a go especially where you have all-in-one for 40 bucks. If you wanna try wait for 18 november, you'll get newest expansion for the same 40 usd.
It's really big and complex now.

Back on topic, sometimes I want to forget myself and spend days on gaming just like years ago...

ArtisianDragon3663d ago

Ah that's when the new one comes out, fair enough looks like I'll be spending money once again on a game. I thought I would have nothing to buy this time around. Can't wait to play it once again, wasn't to used to it the first time around and perhaps that was one of the factors that pushed me away, but after researching it a bit I can say that it is quite an extensive and great game. Just hope I remember everything..

Danny_D3662d ago

I quit my job and was unemployed for a month. I was happy as a clam though, as it meant one month of playing FF XI non-stop.

Needless to say, I don't play FF XI anymore.

thebudgetgamer3662d ago

its called self control talk to someone with a heroin problem then you will see what addiction really is

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solideagle13663d ago

hahaha that was good.
as per article yes we area gaming addicted i guess. thats why we want new games and whenever have a spare time we just hold the controller and on the system.

ArtisianDragon3663d ago

Nope wouldn't categorize myself as a gaming addict, maybe enthusiast but that's about as far as I would go. I could never let games take over my life, they are merely just entertainment "things" in which I get relaxation from after a stressful day at school or work. Usually playing RB2, and now that it's out a little bit of LBP before hitting the hay (Though I'm sure others have their own games in which they play to get relaxed). Granted I may stay up a few extra minutes to an hour, but that's it.

Montrealien3663d ago

notice how there is none of the regular trolls here? know why? they don' t f*cking game!

Twiky3663d ago

I guess you're right!!

DiLeCtioN3663d ago

I just love games so much, just because this gen has made a lot of features easier like online gaming..something i couldnt do on PS2 even though i had an internet connection.

Games like COD4 have hit that addictive level, tbh its a good and bad thing. What some developers do is good for gaming and thats why i enjoy games that die out after so i can trade them. if developers didn't avoid the addictive level, we will find a lot of people in messed up situations.

wow am writing an essay XD

p.s take breaks man it helps.

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