Top 5 Distinguished Final Fantasy Heroes

In the Final Fantasy series the Hero is usually the principal character in the game. However due to the vast background stories of the Final Fantasy cast's, each one could be a hero in their own right.

Continuing with our Top 5 Theme (Bosses, Evil Antagonist's, Attractive Females), We've selected our top 5 Distinguished Final Fantasy heroes - which you would be pleased to know, now includes all of the Series due to popular demand. Do you agree with our choices? If not who would you change in the list? (Please note this article contains Spoilers)

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Zerodin3662d ago the same context as diarrhea is a snack.

VinDiesel3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

That is all.

Bonsai12143662d ago

now the include the whole series? geez. too bad they already shafted Keifa out of the best villain in the series. I'm glad to see Terra getting some love. She's without a doubt my main female lead.

iceman28853662d ago

Delita Hyral or Ramza Beoulve who are always forgot about when it comes to talking about Final Fantasy characters. Both are awesome and completely kick-a$$.

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