Gaming Nexus: The Legend of Kage 2 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "If you asked me what 8-bit action game I wanted a sequel to, I would have probably mentioned Kid Icarus, Gun.Smoke or Rolling Thunder. Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered asking for a sequel to The Legend of Kage. It's not that Taito's arcade game was bad, but it wasn't memorable enough to warrant a second try. Yet here we are a quarter century after its first release and I'm looking at an honest to goodness sequel to The Legend of Kage. And I'm not just looking at it; I'm actually having a great time. Who knew that the sequel I should have been asking for was The Legend of Kage 2?

The kneejerk reaction to The Legend of Kage 2 would be to compare it to Sega's classic ninja game, Shinobi. But the more you play this Nintendo DS sequel the more you realize that this isn't a fair comparison at all, this game has more in common with Sonic the Hedgehog than it does Shinobi. Sega's ninja series is slow and deliberate, while The Legend of Kage 2 is a fast-paced action game, more akin to a game like Strider or Ninja Spirit."

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