Game Vortex: Midnight Club Los Angeles Review

Game Vortex writes: "It seems like forever ago that we reviewed the original Midnight Club at the launch of PS2, but the emotions that game stirred are alive and well in Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Very little in the game formula has changed, but the scale and scope that impressed us way back then has only grown bigger and better.

Another memory I have is a waking dream, a daydream, that involved me imagining a game where I would drive around and everything would look real. Driving wasn't in the cards yet, this being set during my early teens, and the hot driving game at the time was Spy Hunter. The imagination and desire that lots of us had back then has been fully realized in games like Midnight Club: Los Angeles. The entire city of L.A. is mapped out in loving detail and recreated here, not just for exploration but for interaction. Destructible environments add to the realism as you drive through bus stops, overturn magazine stands, and watch pedestrians scramble to get out of your way. The true racing fans know that pulled-in-tight is the only camera angle worth using, but if you can't stop looking at your car there are plenty of other views. One camera angle puts you in the driver's seat and shows off all the customization you can do inside the vehicle."

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