PSi: LittleBigPlanet Review

PSi writes: "LittleBigPlanet is set in a world of dreams, or actually... as a world of dreams; it's introduced as where all of the creative dreams that people have go when they leave Earth. And, creative it is. The graphical treatment is very realistic, but the objects in the world are primarily arts and crafts objects. The players control living, breathing "sack-boy" creatures, and the enemies are constructions that look like toys made out of, well, other toys. Some of the backgrounds look like they're made of cardboard, while others look like they're made of yarn or cotton... a full world is at your fingertips, created with things you might find around the house. It's like playing with dolls (um, ahem... I mean action figures) all over again."

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Harry1903365d ago

Perfect score for this wonderful game. We have a new record ladies and gentleman.

Posting spoilers is not cool.

shawnsl653365d ago

spoiler *sack boy dies in the end by Sephiroth* :D

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