Boomtown: SingStar Singalong With Disney review

Boomtown writes: "13 – Unlucky for some. This is actually the 13th SingStar review I have had to sit down and hammer out for your reading pleasure. I'm always risking them becoming stale and repetitive music rather than game reviews, yet with SingStar Singalong with Disney, we've got something a little special. As special as Gears of War 2, also released tomorrow? Well, when Microsoft bothers to send us review code, we'll bother to review it, so Sony London Studio have our time right now.

I was reviewing SingStar Summer Party this April when I decided to conclude with an innocuous comment. To (egotistically) quote myself, I said 'Summer Party won't let you down. We'll have to wait for something like SingStar Disney before that's at risk. Actually, I'd probably buy that.' Well now we know where Sony goes to get new franchise ideas."

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