Will The PlayStation 3 Become The Ultimate FPS Console?

So after weighing in on Resistance 2, it started to dawn on us: is this now the franchise to beat in the FPS genre? And with the impending Killzone 2, is the PlayStation 3 now home to the best FPS experiences on the planet?

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silverchode3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

yes once killzone2 comes out. :)

Danja3630d ago

It already is..R2...made sure fo that , plus COD5 will be good (I know it's Multi-plat just goes to show we have options))

KZ2 will be the icing on the cake..

PoSTedUP3630d ago

its going to be the ultimate MMO console, ultimate FPS console, ultimate social networking console, ultimate blu-ray player, ultimate multimedia/ home entertainment system and the ultimate console for innovative games + ultimate console for digital distribution ; )

KillaManiac3630d ago

*turns on his KZ2 Public Beta*

Mhm...yep..its King of FPS...

This game is GREAT!

3630d ago
DNAgent3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Is the ultimate console for every genre.

yamamoto1143630d ago

Not with the analog sticks it has now.

bumnut3630d ago

thats right, the analog sticks are in a bad place. it is uncomfortable to play an fps (for me, i know not all hands are the same size)

BobDog3629d ago

i like the analog controls, its either that or the 360's

but nothing will ever beat the keyboard and mouse for fps in the near future

Thugbot1873629d ago

I like the 360 control for FPS. PS3 has the better control for pretty much everything else.

Overr8ed3629d ago

@ Danja
IF KZ2 is lcing on the cake then that Icing must be a other layer of cake.
R2 is great and it is a bouncing board for people to say Sony has a killer line-up and "I want a ps3"

kwicksandz3629d ago

The PS3s chances of becoming the ultimate shooter box are about the same as the 360 becoming the #1 console for fighting games.

Fix the awkward analogues and triggers then we can talk.

Gam713629d ago

So all of a sudden ps owners care about fps?

After all the times you took the pi** out of the 360 and its owners for having fps.

But like always as soon as it comes to the ps3 its the best thing ever.
Nothing like backtracking to give you some credibility.

godofthunder103629d ago

i never heard so much bias in my life before.Unlike the fanboys that posted articles i'm not a stupid fanboy,bias and i'm not childish like they are.The ps3 have 2 good exclusive fps.Ps3 fanboys are acting like they have 10.The ps3 also have some exclusive shooters comeing out next year and so does the 360 but they all might sux we just don't know.The one thing that i can't understand is the change in mind that ps3 fanboys are haveing.When the 360 was first released the ps3 fanboys was saying that it is only good for fps and they sux.They said that rpg are better and that's what sell systems.Now that the ps3 is releasing a few fps they are singing a new tune.They have one ps3 FANBOY saying that the ps3 has better shooters,rps,action,fighting,s ports and other games he also said that the ps3 online is better.If fans from both systems(not fanboys)can't see that this guy is juat a bias ps3 fanboy then they need help.

I have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I think that the 360 is better then the ps3.This is my opponion not fact.Ps3 fans say the same thing about the ps3 but instead of an opponion they act like it's a fact and it isn't.They have developers that said the 360 and ps3 was better then the other.The fact is that the one that you want is the best one for you but not all of the people think that the 360 or ps3 is the best system.People should respect other people oponions instead of calling them names and saying that they are to poor to afford a ps3 so they settled for a 360.360 fanboys do the exact thing but doesn't call the ps3 fanboys poor and trailer trash because they can't afford the 360 because the 360 is cheaper.

The fact is that halo 3 and gears out sold mgs4 on the ps3 and the ps3 have a bigger install base.I know that ps3 fanboys said that halo3 and gow suxed and was over rated and mgs4 is the best.The fact is that even sony said that mgs4 wasn't the big hit they hoped it would be.the same ps3 fanboys would say that halo3 and gow are the best games if they were exclusive to the ps3 and say that mgs4 suxed and was over rated if it was exclusive to the 360 and this is fact and the same goes for 360 fanboys.

I'll admitt that i wish that kz2 would be on the 360 to because it look like it would be a great game,maybe even game of the year .On the other hand i never cared for the mgs games.I think that they have a stupid story line and too many cut scenes.When a game have almost 3hrs of cut scenes it's ridiculious,i don't care if a 360 come out with a game with almost 3hrs of cut scenes.It's ridiculious,hell the majority of movies only last 1hr30mins.This is my opponion not facts.Some people like mgs4 and i respect them and their opponion for it.They should respect mine to.

The fact i'm trying to make is that when a ps3 fanboy says that gow and halo3 sux is jusy bias and childish.I know that people like some games and hate others and i respect that.When ps3 fanboy claim that every game on the 360 sux is just ridiculious.

I can't understand why fanboys can't give credit where credit is due.The fact is that the 360 and ps3 both has positive and negative things about them.They both have good and bad games on them to.When someone is saying that the system they have is perfect in every way and the other one isn't is bias and childish.

I think that the 360 is the system for shooters.The fact is that they both have all the same shooters except 2.The 2 on the 360 each out sold mgs4.I don't know about kz2 because it might break sale records.The fact is that of right now the 360 is the game of shooters and the ps3 want catch up.The 360 controller is even made better for shooters then the ps3 controller.The fact is that the ps3 is the system for fighting games and japaneese games and will stay that way.The 360 is the system for shooters and it will stay that way.People from both sided should just admitt the truth instead of saying one is better then the other because you have that system.

Rhythmattic3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Sony and FPS... Splitfish Frag Fx People..... Not that I've used mine yet...

pavarotti3629d ago

now they're all applauding the glut of shooters available, as sony desperately try's to mop up hardcore gamers, now that nintendo has stolen all the casuals.

saying that though, kz2 looks incredible! and if the gameplay matches the visuals, then it's going to be one super game for sure. and with resistance2 looking so damn good aswell...

i wanted to get a ps3 for resistance2, and am gutted that i cant at the mo. there's no way im letting the missus say no in february when kz2 hits.

hay3629d ago

@Gam71: What's wrong with appreciating what fans can have?

poopface13629d ago

one decent FPS comes out on ps3 and now its king of shooters. Sorry nice try. better luck next year. For the ps3 to become the king of shooters they need to fix psn so the games actually work when they come out.

gaffyh3629d ago

@Gam71 - I can see what you're saying, but it's kinda true though that the FPS market is over-saturated, so when an FPS comes along that is actually worth playing it should be recognised. And KZ2 is definitely one of those. (other examples include R1, R2, Bioshock, COD4, and Halo 3 if you're a FPS maniac (but it's not THAT great imo))

Pain3629d ago

Just like how all the Xbox fans Scream FINAL FANTASY!! since its kools again eh?

Gam713629d ago

Hay, nothing wrong with that.
So why didn't ps fans let 360 fans appreciate what they can have without the constant put downs and slating of the games. The insults and pathetic attempts to portray 360 owners as dumb and mindless because the 360 catalogue, while varied, had a few fps in there which they looked down on.

But now their console is the home of fps? sounds like a bit of backtracking to me.

Oh pain did you speak?
Lol, you are sad. So 360 fans have been all about final fantasy now it has another ff game on the 360. I don't think so.
The people who have been interested in it are ones who have played previous ff games or do you believe no 360 owner has ever played an ff game before? That only those who own a ps3 have and are allowed to play ff?
First ff game (and only) I played was on a ninty machine before the playstation brand was around.
But now ps fans act like ff started on their console (don't expect 12yo to know much about the history of gaming) and is only allowed on a ps machine even though most have been on ninty's?

You wish 360 fans were going goo goo for ff. Just like you wish 360 fans are jealous of lbp and mgs4.
Fact is most don't care and you can have them.
But thats the logic of ps fans like you.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get back to playing GoW2 which was released on time. You should try playing on your ps3. You have a game now to play on it. and once the delays are out of the way you should have a few more.

jadenkorri3629d ago

first of all, your whole little speech explains why you have only 1 bubble, ur a fanboy of 360, which really annoys me and many others, not to mentioned ps3 fanboys annoy me even more, i met one in person, that experience i will never forget... you seem to jump at any oppurtunity to defend you 360, why bother, if it is the greatest console, then why defend not jumping in every forum to defend the 360 or the ps3, i own everything but the ds, but not going to defend my system, i find there both great.. 2ndly, PS3 having a bigger install base compared to the 360, when did that sry ur talking about stating fact when even in your whole little rant, you say ps3 has a bigger install base... as far as my knowlege goes todate, 360 still has the larger install base...

Pain3629d ago

like always a load of dribble.

Gam713629d ago

? don't tell me. why would i care about your incontinence?
clean yourself up

BaSeBaLlKiD7213629d ago

i got in the COD5 beta for 360... i like it, the only thing that is holding me back from loving it is the 360 controller. i feel that it's too slow for fast paced games like COD, while it is good for slower games like Rainbow Six. that is the reason why i usually buy FPS on PS3 over 360- not because of fanboyism

so what im saying is that i think that 360's isnt suited for fast paced games because the analogs are pretty far from eachother...

Pain3629d ago

gam17 your still talking?


Gam713629d ago

Ok, thats to similar to what I said earlier.
If you're going to copy do it better.


BattleAxe3629d ago

The PS3 has the best controller, which in my opinion is the most comfortable. The XBOX controller has the left analogue stick to high up on the controller which puts it too close to the L1 button.

I find that it limits my range of motion with my thumb and it just feels plain awkward. The only reason that MS put the analogue stick up there is because Sony has a patent on the design of their controller and MS would be infringing on that patent.

Plus the D-Pad is poor quality like everything else to do with the 360. Sony has had the best controller since the PS1.........why change something that is already perfection.

Amnesiac3629d ago

"Nothing like backtracking to give you some credibility."

Nothing like generalizing an entire group of people because you're an idiot.

pain777pas3629d ago

I hate articles like this now its like they are using us. QFT to this author. Ass clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Breakfast3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

You guys can take the crown.
The PS3 is the ultimate FPS console. Their, i said it.

Ill just take all of my; RPGs, AAA blockbuster titles, better looking multiplatform games, stolen ps3 exclusives, and find a dark corner to hide in.


TheHater3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

if you don't have anything of importance to say/write, then don't even say/write it.

On topic: That just a matter of opinion. I for one play all my FPS on the PS3 because I love the controller. Also Resistance has become my favorite FPS series out there.

silverchode3630d ago

fine take all the crappy rpg's. :)

Breakfast3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

...but i shouldnt boast infront of all you guys. I know youre less fortunate. You guys have to sleep in the cold...Folklore aint cuttn it.

...lets hope for another port.


Danja3630d ago

Come on guys why are you taking Breakfast

this is the exact same reason why he says what he says just to irrate ppl..he's a funny troll..

ultimolu3630d ago

There's more than just FPS on the PS3.
The PS3 has something called "variety".

Nice try Breakfast but no. :/

Marceles3630d ago

Val..k..y...r..i.a...Ch...r.o. .n...

never mind, it's breakfast lol

silverchode3630d ago

only idiots take breakfast seriously.

LeGenDx3630d ago

disgaea, valkyria chronicle, enternal sonta ! and on top of that r2 !

DNAgent3630d ago

I take Breakfast seriously. It's the most important meal of the day!

Why o why3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

welcome back! i see ur feeling better, u kinda got red ringed the other day.

ur forgetting v chronicles btw. seems like its the highest rated srpg this gen(i didnt need ratings just ANY rpg on this occasion since folklore was ages ago and those games that MS paid to be timed were actually mediocre) You guys love ratings so how'd u like those apples with the first meal of the day;)

dj_funky3629d ago

why o why - did you have to own breakfast so hard? lol

Why o why3629d ago

nah, its not like that. I wont claim victory after the first round like 360 guys do. He still has bubbles so im sure he'll smack me back (if he's got any meatballs or wheatabix in his first meal;)

xwabbit3629d ago

lol breakfast is just a nub

funkysolo3629d ago

You mean AAA titles like bioshock, and mass effect 2- please don't bring up games from 2 years ago that noone even plays anymore or care about ...Please list that AAA list...face it if it wasnt' for gears the 360 would be dead. I didn't like Resistance2 multiplayer, I like the single player it's really good...I get gears2 today, can't wait for that damn mail lady..Killzone2 looks awesome, I hope Sony release a limited edition PS3 with killzone2..By the way Call of duty waw is awesome i think it might be the best multiplayer this year until killzone2

3629d ago
Pixel_Addict3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

So you are proud of Microsoft's inability to create it's own identity? Remind me again what day it was announced that being a thief was a good thing? I must have been in the line for my regular dose of common sense that day.

First of all kid, PS3 has plenty of RPGs like White Knight Chronicles to satisfy that crowd. Maybe not as much as some would hope but enough QUALITY RPGs that is for sure. The PS3 has enough of a lead in Japan to back off of an RPG assault. I agree Sony must attack that angle a bit more often, but their dominance over the 360 in that area is solidified (i.e. 900% increase in sales recently). Right now almost all AAA titles are shooters.

As for AAA games for the 360; most of those games are 3rd party FPS games, with the exception of Halo 3. What about Action adventure games like Drake's Fortune and Ratchet and Clank? What is Microsoft's answer to the wildly successful system moving title Little Big Planet? Not a damn thing, because they have choked off user generated content in their blind greed. 360 has no answer for those genres. By the way most of the AAA titles you are thinking of are shooters, COD4, Halo 3, Gears of War, almost none of which are RPGs.

BattleAxe3629d ago

Hey Breakfast, move to Japan while you're at it :D

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Sami Frey3630d ago

The more I see of Killzone 2 the more I get excited. It looks like a really fun FPS. I honestly hope it lives up to the hype. Although I would rather see a diverse selection of great games than wealth of only great RPGs or only FPS. Am I alone?

TheHater3630d ago

I personally play all types of games. I don't care what it is lable as, I play it. so I would love to see more different types of games out there.

PoSTedUP3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

yea my gaming collection consists of almost every type of game + genre defining games and i play and enjoy all of them : )

siren:blood curse
gran turismo5 prologue
NBA09 the inside
heavenly sword
burnout paradise
MLb08:the show
hot shots golf
high stakes on vegas strip: poker
R&C quest4booty
supersonicacrobaticcars etc.

soon to get RESISTANCE2, Quantom of solace, PES 09', mirros edge, MK vs DC, shawn white snowboarding, need4speed, tombraider and valkaria chronicles so far.

wait.... *counts money*.... nevermind (-_-)

Danja3630d ago

I think you might wanna just rent Quantom of Solace...waste of $60 if you ask me...

Give Dead Space a buy instead...^.^

Timesplitter143630d ago

you sir need to find a place for Fallout 3 because it's THAT great.

My second game of the year, after MGS4.

PoSTedUP3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

i appreciate the honesty and suggestions guys, i will actually go out and buy fallout3 now : D. but it might have to wait till after resistance2 and james bond because for one i am a huge bond fan so i automatically buy his new game no matter what and i do enjoy it because i am a huge fan, its just like socom, you have to be a fan etc. to like it and buy it. + i have a collection that i will never trade in because i love all my games. but yea i was looking at fallout3 in this months issue of qore and it was looking rather appealing, its just the time and money that come into play ya know but thanks for the heads up and plus bubbles.

edit: iight, appreciate the info,i dont really care too much about trophys, if i get em i get em ya know, i herd they might be worth something so i started getting more of them but i will take that into consideration thanks.

Danja3630d ago

If your a trophy whore like myself you might wanna just hold off on buying Fallout 3 until the trophy patch arrives

Diamondwolf3629d ago

But like the trophy whore in me, I am holding off until the patch getting trophies in everything else (damnit, that means I have to buy pain :/)

Linger in shadows btw is hardcore!

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ThatCanadianGuy3630d ago

Anyone who has Played Resistance 2 can pretty much confirm it already is.

8 player co op with a hundred enemies on screen anyone?

TheHater3630d ago

I already played about 20 hours of co-op on this game. I played about 30 hours total so far :)

Skyreno3630d ago

Awesome game i ever play, coo op is sweet 100 enemies in screen trying stay alive ^^ right now is really hard to get inside online

ultimolu3630d ago

This game is INTENSE.

Kill or be killed.

That's all I have to say. xD

Danja3630d ago

Haven't played 8 player Co-op just yet decided to finish the SP campaign b4 i take it online...should be done around 2morrow...!!yaay me...XD

theEnemy3630d ago

Co-op is fun.

I've been #1 numerous times now. Medic is a bit broken.

It's an experience machine! lol.

Oh last night, we almost failed a mission. We got killed by surprised horde of hybrids in the train station. Good thing someone is AFK in the first part of the map. lol. We revived and end it. :)


8 player co-op party helluv fun . I don't really care who is the king of FPS . give me KZ2 and R2 its all good ( even LBP is on the sideline right asking play me play me ) Just dont have time like when we were 16

Kleptic3629d ago

Resistance 2 is great...not perfect imo, but great...but I think Killzone 2 will set the console standard for the remainder of this generation...that is, going by what the beta has proven to me...

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smurfie43630d ago

I just played the killzone 2 beta and I have to say that its a definite possibility.