"Grand Theft Auto Sex Beast" Convicted and Sentenced, Is GTA Really to Blame?

Ryan Chinnery, from Kent, England, sexually assaulted four women and the blame was laid at the feet of Grand Theft Auto.

"The kid claimed to have played a lot of Grand Theft Auto, but nowhere in the article does he allude to mimicking the game or the game influencing his actions in any way. Still, the prosecutor was quoted as saying ... "

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Twizlex3690d ago

Does he have a Ritz cracker on his finger?

Sandwich Bender3690d ago

Yep. He spreads different condiments on it depending on what type of mood he's in.

Nostradavis3690d ago

If he is trying to do the shocker, homeboy is forgetting the pinky.

Maybe we can blame his lack of sexual knowledge on his watching of cheaply made porn.

Twizlex3690d ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cheaply made porn. Sometimes that's the best kind.

keanerie3690d ago

this kid needs to be drawn and quartered

Nostradavis3690d ago

Oh Keane, you must listen to too much Metalica. I am going to blame your comment on the influence of late 80s rock.

anubis123690d ago

people aren't stupid....a kid his age knows the difference between RIGHT and WRONG.....if not then there insane and crazy and need to be put in jail or in a metal hospital

The Matrix3690d ago

Maybe he was attracted to GTA because he was a naughty boy. Instead of becoming one from playing GTA. But no, no one ever thinks of that.

Timesplitter143690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Of course GTA is to blame... sex assaults were invented after GTA was released. Everyone knows that.

Killing too. No one has ever killed anyone before videogames came out and started spreading Satanic messages to children. It's sad to think about all those PERFECT parents who ALL take good care of their kids (all parents are always perfect. It's a law of the universe), but all those efforts end up being in vain.

Now that I think about it, we should also ban air. Many criminals have claimed that they ''breathed air'' right before committing their crimes. Therefore, air is evil.

Peter Griffin3690d ago

excellent point.

I guess pleading the "GTA" in court outdoes the fifth

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The story is too old to be commented.