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It's been nearly a decade since the odd couple of Banjo and Kazooie graced a major platform. Rare's platformers were a highlight of the Nintendo 64 era and were instrumental in catapulting the British development studio into household name status. Since that time, the developer has traded in potty-mouthed squirrels, the adventures of red-headed government agents, and cultivating Mexican party staples. However, the bear and bird that were so popular on N64 haven't seen a true resurrection until now. With Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Rare re-imagines the duo in an open-world title focused on creating and perfecting vehicles. It's not "Banjo-Threeie" by any stretch, but anyone who pines to build and tweak should have a good time, in spite of the downright clunky gameplay mechanics.

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Meryl3662d ago

so much for banjo being better than ratchet and clank lol.

SL1M DADDY3662d ago

For one glaring reason... Voice acting versus ubber small wall of text. Sorry, but they should have upped the ante and gone with real voices and gotten away from that Ninty way of doing wonky noises in replacement for human voices. I grew up, too bad the series of BK did not.

InMyOpinion3662d ago

Loved the demo so I'm getting it.

InMyOpinion3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

5 disagrees because I enjoyed the demo? Fanboys are on the prowl I guess...

Why o why3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

*u know me*

get it if u like it. I remember a long time ago when ps3 guys would talk about getting games that were rated low and we were ridiculed. I think with the year MS has had with scores on their exclusives your sentiment will be mirrored across the board. People may just actually get back to playing what THEY like and not what they are supposed to like. I bought into the gta hype and enjoyed it but i hadnt played any of the other 3d 1s so i was easy to please but ive had fallout 3 for over 3 weeks now and its just not my cup of tea. I keep trying to give it chances but its just not my cup. Maybe i just dont like western action rpgs even though i liked dues x

cumon now green, BRAID. I think this whole aaa garbage hs changed from being a blockbuster movie of a game. Big name, big budget etc to games that score over 90 and if you think that then the ps3 still has more because i could then include great games like pixel junk monsters. Im glad u enjoyed lost od because thats what gamings ALL about not this bullsh!t aaa nonsense that you have just spouted. Look at the context of what im saying in reply to jenzo. Play what u like not what ur told

green3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

And what is wrong with the scores that Microsoft has had with their exclusives?

Braid - AAA
Portal: still alive
Fable 2 -
Gears of war 2: AAA

EDIT:One of my best games this gen is Lost Odyssey which has a metacritic score of 79%.i hated GTA4 as well and that is so far the highest rated game of this gen.The concept of Fallout 3 does not interest me so it can score all the 10's in the world and i am not buying it.

Mirrors Edge i will get (loved the demo) the same with Left 4 Dead (concept sounds great).In the end we should all play games we want

BanjoKazooieFTW3662d ago

I loved the demo too, and I already pre-ordered it.
Uh-oh here come the thumb-downers for know apparent reason...

InMyOpinion3661d ago

I agree with you. But since Banjo got a 8.3/10 from IGN I wouldn't call it low rated. But anywho, in the end I think demos are awesome cause they let you form your own opinion about the game before reviewers pollute your mind with their hastily gathered opinions.

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militant073662d ago

Rare deserve it.
why fixing it?? it was one of best platforme games.

by this its destroyed the franches .

i hated rare for that.

looking forword for new game from rare which worth my money like viva pinata

Sony Rep3662d ago

Look, if you're going to talk like a baby, do it elsewhere..

militant073662d ago

srry this comment wasnt for you

baum3662d ago

Isn't this game cheaper than your average game?

etownone3662d ago

I got this game for my 11 year old kid because it is only 40 bucks and you get to download the original banjo for free.

Great deal!

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