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Gears of War Golden Weapons and How to get Them.

If your looking foward to having both the Golden Lancer and the Golden Hammerburst today will be your only change to have them both because they are not unlockable. Click read more to find out how. (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

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CrippleH  +   2309d ago
I hate the trend of bling guns.

Dam you Army of Two!!!

I rather have a little rusty look to the weapons with all it's detail.
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dodo101  +   2309d ago
i hate you
wtf are you spoiling the game f*kk1n ps3 fanboy
rbluetank  +   2309d ago
gears 2 still has clipping isues ect...
i played Gears2 this morning at 1230am. the first MP game i was in. i am clip shooting bullets through walls and long jumping glitch... i did not tire to break the game but the game is defintly broke on it's own. I was huging the wall and my bullets were going through the wall..WTF i slammed against the wall and pressed the leap button and he jumped 15 feet in the air/across and landed next to the guy that was 15 feet away from me before the move. the guy one timed me with the shotgun..WTF

the three levels of SP and the game still tears in at the begining of every level. These issues should have been fixed...i am going to work now and i will post more things about Gears2 later today... thgwe game is nowhere near 10/10 maybe alot less...i will know more later today
PureGamer  +   2309d ago
coming from a 2 bubble guy its hard to believe.
Kill Crow  +   2309d ago
sooon to be a no bubble
Horny  +   2309d ago
i noticed some of the issues u had, especially when up against a wall or door and my gun goes through it.
Nothing game breaking though, dont know much about MP, need to play more.
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Jakan  +   2309d ago
The gold gun is ugly as hell. I have the code, but I'm not using it.
The lancer looks nothing like that picture. In the game it looks like someone dipped the whole gun in a bucket of yellow paint.
rupi  +   2309d ago
pixelsword  +   2309d ago
See N4G? A thread would be a great source for a story...
...Since this story from videogaming247.com was based on a thread.

All you have to do is check the source; and anyone with a 360 and the game could do that.

Heck, videogaming247.com didn't even check the story, but to videogaming247.com's credit, they at least got a second source.
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The Kingslayer  +   2309d ago
I won't be getting the game or the damn gold guns...sucks for real...

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