Left 4 Dead Demo Gameplay: Zombie Madness

GameXtract writes "For those who have pre-ordered the game from Steam or EB Games/Gamestop have been treated to an early access Left 4 Dead demo which hit the net at 2AM PST today. Since then many gamers have downloaded the demo, and played through with mixed reactions. Some love it, while others think it's just meh, but there is one thing for sure…..It's Zombie Madness! Below we have some gameplay taken right from the demo that will be made publicly available this Tuesday. The video has been created by khopps17, and is shown on the normal difficulty. Just imagine what mayhem will occur on expert!"

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Sami Frey3661d ago

how is it? I haven't bought a game for my 360 in a while, but the prospect of killing zombies with a group of friends sounds amazing.

ASSASSYN 36o3661d ago

I literally just got my code a day late. I am DL the 1.21 gb demo now. I will let you know how it is.

Kleptic3660d ago

gameplay wise it looks fun...just sucks it looks like a game from night...

CliffyBs15YearOldBF3661d ago

I think I will geef this game a pass