Neocrisis: CNN Debut New Hologram Technology

Neocrisis: CNN debuted its holographic correspondents Tuesday night shortly after 7PM Eastern. The first hologram was one of reporter Jessica Yellin, who was reporting from Chicago. Wolf Blitzer welcomed the holographic Yellin saying, "Jessica, you're a terrific hologram, thank you so much."

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The CELL processor is a beast

omodis4203693d ago

That was just weird looking. Pretty cool stuff though.

Kakkoii3692d ago

CNN pretended as if it was a real hologram standing in the studio. But that's not true actually. Technology isn't quite there yet :).

What they actually did was use the same technology you see with those webcam augmented reality type programs. Where the webcam looks at a pattern and can place a 3d object on it in the video feed.

So Wolf Blitzer was actually looking and talking to nothing, the hologram is only there in the video feed.