IGN: SCEA Bluetooth Headset for PS3 Review

Overall, the SCEA Bluetooth headset is the perfect solution for gamers looking for high-quality Bluetooth communication. The effortless integration and performance with the PlayStation 3 beats out any third-party alternative, and given that it can double as hands-free device for your cellphone, there is little more people could ask for in a Bluetooth device.

Performance - 9.5
Build Quality - 8.8
Audio Quality - 9.2
Value - 9.4
Comfort - 9.3
Overall -

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sonarus3662d ago

Just one more AAA exclusive for the PS3

PoSTedUP3662d ago

yea its a damn good headset if not the best on the market quality wise just as good as the 125$ ones : o.

dj_funky3662d ago

crystal cl-ear all up in my ear.

badz1493662d ago

I have it and I love it!

PimpHandHappy3662d ago

i want to download Socom

now i need to spend extra cash on the headset!

because i NEED IT

weazle3662d ago

buy it instead of downloading it and get Socom for $10.

theEnemy3662d ago

Does the "FUK U SONY" really needed ?

Daver3662d ago

this is an amazing headset

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The story is too old to be commented.