Left 4 Dead demo impressions: it's as good as you hoped

I'm standing with my friends in a subway station, looking down into a blasted-out hole in the cement. They're down there, the living dead. Screaming, running, clawing their way up to us. We have a good amount of time to line up our shots, but still, every now and again, someone takes a step back to reload, and there is a tense moment as the fire lessens by one fourth. Suddenly the woman to my left screams. As I turn to look at her, I notice her being lifted up, a ton wrapped around her body. I raise my shotgun and take out the "Smoker" above her, a very malicious baddie, and her body falls.

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borgome3569d ago

Haven't played the demo yet, but probably not.

cherrypie3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Yes, day #1 Xbox 360 purchase.

Cant wait for NXE, Parties and L4D.

xenogamer3569d ago

but i dont get it, its an online game where hoards of zombies blindly run at you over and over and over again... seriously guys?

tatotiburon3569d ago

xenogamer is Valve, can't miss it, thet know how to make fps games, the are the masters

xenogamer3569d ago

the first time i played half life was in the orange box, and was really let down by it, everyone hypes those games as the pinnacle of FPS storytelling, and innovation, i didnt see what all the hoopla was about, i guess ill reserve my judgement when i play L4D, since my brother is buying i am certainly atleast going to check it out.

NS3569d ago

But then again i hate online gaming perhaps because i suck lol!. I am not connected but i played Halo 3 online at a friends place and i get my ass handed to me all the time hehe.

tatotiburon3569d ago

xenogamer c'mon half life 2 is four years old, in 2004 this game was a huge success and fresh, now a lot games came out with better improvemenst

y0haN3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Day 1 PC purchase here.

Also stop hating on Half-Life/2, it's one of the best games ever. What do you think is more innovative? Halo 3? Lol.

kewlkat0073568d ago

This is not Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

Take the game for what it is. You want a more story driven 1-player campaign, then buy those games.

Something for everyone in this Mofo..

I mean you could say the same for "Dead Rising" but these games are just suppose to be mindless Fun.

4-Player Co-Op Im there.

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GiantEnemyCrab3569d ago

I am so looking forward to this game!! After watching that "intro" trailer this game has me so pumped up!! I know it wasn't gameplay but it definately made me want this game. PR success!

tatotiburon3569d ago

this holiday are going to be madness, i probably have to buy a arcade xbox 360, my xbox is from launch, it had 8 times RROD, i made dozens of mods to fix it haha and the dvd unit are a pain in the ass...but believe or not, is working very nice, my friends call it "the miracle xbox 360" hahaha, but i still love it.

NS3569d ago

No problems sofar for me.

Fox013569d ago

me neither; I know the RROD exists but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I've never experienced it. My xbox does freeze at times, but so does my PS3.

NS3569d ago

perhaps thats why we are lucky. I also have a PS3 and a wii as well. I don't play online. I play both PS3 and x360 equally time wise.

No Way3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

That sucks for you.. I've never once experience the RRoD. I've only had my 360 freeze on me, but only occasionally.

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Spike473569d ago

i think I might have to get this on my PC. Hopefully I'll raise some money after spending the cash on LBP and R2, if I don't round up the money atleast a month before Killzone 2 then I won't be able to buy it. :(
Damn so many good games.

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