Not being able to rip a Locusts arm off and beat him to death with it is Cliffy's greatest regret

In an interview with Irish radio station, Red FM, Cliff Bleszinski said that his greatest regret was not being able to rip a Locust's arm off and beat him to death with it.

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pp3630d ago

That would have been so F*CKIN awesome may be in the next one.

JOLLY13629d ago

you should maybe just tone it down a bit.

Elvfam5113629d ago

What's your first console?

3629d ago
Maxned3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

.....The point is...
It would be totally BADASS

HighDefinition, read the article please. He was kidding around.
Sad part is, that will definitely reach the top news post at around... Im guessing 1,000,000 degrees.

she00win993629d ago

you don't need to cover up your fairy gay mother, it's imbarrassing to all you people..

SonyOwnsNextYear3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

ever notice how the name: "cliffy" sounds like it fits perfectly to a pedophile.

ontopic: if i was working for epic, my regrets would be that gow and U.T. look pretty much the same.

Pennywise3629d ago

Epic should of cut him off from interviews a long time ago. Joke or not... bad form and it will haunt Twinky B. for a long time.

InMyOpinion3629d ago

That quote was completely taken out of context. But since you didn't read the article and I suspect you don't understand irony there's no point trying to explain it to you.

HighDefinition3629d ago

You DON`T say those things in interviews and definitly NOT when your game is about to release.


Sarcasm3629d ago

Taken out of context or not, a grown man should never say "Sleep with" in the same sentence as "15 year old boys."

It's just sick.

Ugly American3629d ago

First, the general consumer does not get on this ridiculous website or even know who Cliffy is. Secondly, REALLY?! We are concerned about how politically correct a VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER is? I agree with the above comment that just as a person, he shouldn't talk about sleeping with 15 year old boys... but the fiasco this is turning into shouldn't be an issue, period. He is not a diplomat... people of the world don't look to Cliffy to base their opinion on anything. Who cares what he says? Really? Besides Epic, why does any numbnuts on this site care what the man says?

Let it go. Go enjoy your game and stop getting your panties in a wad about some dude you don't even know.

Mr_Bun3629d ago

Anytime someone has access to the media, the have a responsibility to uphold a certain decorum...especially when that 'someone' provides content to those that are under 18 years old.

Ugly American3629d ago

Generally, I would agree with you. Somebody might want to let loud mouthed idiots from professional sports to actors/actresses to musicians know that little nugget about "decorum." We should be getting more fired up about those idiots than someone who is relatively unknown. Because let's be honest, nobody outside of hardcore gamers knows the name "CliffyB." And I would venture to guess they wouldn't care.
And that 13 year old I saw at GameStop last night at midnight? The last thing I am concerned about for that kid is him listening to CliffyB... when he shouldn't even be playing this game.

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CrippleH3629d ago

Like God of War 2. I loved ripping off enemies arms and beat them with it.

So Easy I Can Do It3629d ago

But GeoW, they have guns... why try to be 'badass?'

ThaGeNeCySt3629d ago

there's always gears of war 3.. right?

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