Alone in the Dark: Inferno Demo Review

I went into the Alone in the Dark demo for the PS3 thinking I was about to play something terrible based on all of the bad things I've read and heard about the Xbox 360 version of Alone in the Dark. After my first play through, I felt that my original thoughts were right.

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killyourfm3610d ago

1st: No, I'm not affiliated with the site, nor do I write for it.

This INDEPENDENT games writer took the time to inform an audience of his impressions with what has been considered a universally lousy title. On reading his thoughts, I actually want to give it a whirl.

How many of you REPORTING this story are actually writers? You need to give these indie sites some breathing room, and a chance to get their voices heard. These types of websites are one of the last HONEST mediums.

MrWeymes3610d ago

If the title were "Alone in the Dark Demo Impressions", none of these complaints would have been made. Next time I write an article about a demo, I'll make sure not to put review in the title. lol

Jimmy the Greek3610d ago

youre totally right. the indies are the people who spend their time and hard earned money on a game and do us a favor by writing honest impressions about it. this might just be a demo but at least he didnt get on his knees to appease a developer

villevalorox3610d ago

i thought it sucked ass. i played 3 min of it and deleted it. Its condemned 2. But on crack.

MrWeymes3610d ago

I thought it was garbage on my initial playthough as well, but it's really not that bad. I wonder how much the driving portions are improved for the PS3 version, because I didn't have too much trouble driving at all. I can see the lack of mid-way checkpoints driving people insane in the 360 version.

Wolf8733610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

At first he found it lame and then after having discussions with groups that did find it interesting, he saw more to the game. It's just what happens, if you build a lot of negative press around anything eventually people start having doubts and even when they do get to play the actual thing they still find it lame( in some scenarios), because that's what they were led to believe.

Graphics and fire are okay? That's an understatement. The graphics, even though glitchy in the demo, are better than most garbage out there, namely GTA-4 for me. Just look at how much stuff was going on during the driving part. I just won't understand why people hate this game with a passion, its an ok game: good for a 2 night rental at the very least. The voice acting sucked, even I admit to that, but come on rest of the game ON PS3 has been tremendously improved. The driving was a lot easier this time, and this comes from a guy who hasn't has much experience with a driving game. Does someone even give this franchise the credit it deserves for starting the 3D-survival horror genre?

MrWeymes3610d ago

I agree with most of what you said. Based on what I've heard on the internet and from simple word of mouth, I assumed that Alone in the Dark: Inferno would be terrible even with the mentioned improvements. However, after playing through the demo a couple of times, I realized that it's a decent playable demo, and that the full game will probably be decent as well.

I stand by my statements on the graphics, though. Sure, they are more visually appealing than Grand Theft Auto 4, but you have to remember that Grand Theft Auto 4 has a much large environment, and a lot more going on. As for the driving portion of the demo, there really wasn`t that much going on. Sure, it was somewhat impressive, but compared to a chase scene in Metal Gear Solid 4, the chase scene in Alone in the Dark is merely average.

I know that Alone in the Dark started the survival horror genre, but other games have refined it, and that`s what a lot of people were expecting from this new iteration of Alone in the Dark, and in my personal opinion, they won`t get it. What they will get is a decent survival horror.

JimmyJames703610d ago

I don't have a PS3 so I'll have to try it on the 360.

MrWeymes3610d ago

It may be worth your time if you can find it for a reasonable price, and you enjoy hilariously bad dialoge.

Jimmy the Greek3610d ago

this game could have been so good. its such a shame

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