Mirrors Edge Demo Impressions (thegoozexreport)

Andrew Weymes says: The Mirrors Edge demo is fun. Plain and simple. I've played alot of first person shooters, but this game is clearly trying to stand out. As opposed to killing every enemy you come across like most first person games have you do, you run away from most of your enemies.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3663d ago

What the heck, we have reviews of demos now?

MrWeymes3663d ago

Yes we do. Next time I write an article about a demo, I'll make sure to not use the word "review" in the title out of fear that people can't handle it. Think of it as Mirrors Edge demo impression?

IdleLeeSiuLung3663d ago

"Impression" is a much better word choice. A review suggest that you will score it and generally reflects a finished product. It might not mean that, but that is the impression the majority will see it as. Poor choice of word....

I'm not trying to get into a debate wether a score is useful or not, but that is what is expected.

Fighter3663d ago

'Impressions' is much better than saying 'Review'. if demos actually start getting reviewed then it will be confirmed that the reviewer is a moron.

MrWeymes3663d ago

Demo impressions it is, then. I didn't think so much confusion would be caused from the word review, but I guess I can understand. I'm not assigning scores. I'm just giving my opinion on the small, unfinished portion of the game I played.

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