Fallout 3 v1.0.0.15 Patches Available NOW

WorthPlaying writes: "Fallout 3 places a player in the role of a Vault-dweller, who ventures from his secluded, underground survival Vault into a post-apocalyptic world of mutants, radiation, gangs and violence. This v1.0.0.15 patch (6mb) fixes an alt-f4/alt tab crash issue, and the game now restarts properly after title updates finish installing."

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Premonition3424d ago

I would rather have the PS3 problem than that, that sounds pretty scary, so far I havent had any problems with my PS3 version.

Charmers3424d ago

Every single time the PC gets a patch for a game we get PS3 or 360 owners coming in going "oh where is OUR patch". Look for the 200th time it is very simple, there is NO certification process on the PC. A company like Betheseda can just shove the PC patch up there on the net and bobs your uncle.

However with the consoles a patch has to be submitted to Sony/MS and they have to verify it doesn't screw anything up. That is why you will see the PC being patched first and foremost.

593424d ago

Wow,what a pathetic patch, doesn't even begin to fix anything.

Firebird3603424d ago

i have it for ps3 its crashed froze twice now and sometimes the sound freaks out, allot of popping and screeching. Hope they fix these things because the game is awesome!

Bolts3424d ago

I hate when the patch note sounds like a god damn commercial. There are three line of fixes while the rest are PR crap.