CraveOnline: We have GOW 2 and it is awesome!

November 6, 2008, Dante Maddox-

Controlled violence. All out mayhem. The death of your enemies.

Those are the three things that stand out about Gears of War 2 for me; this awe inspiring game is all about controlled mayhem on painstakingly designed stages that are just begging to be blown to smithereens. In case you're unaware of this monster franchise I'll start with a bit of a recap. The first Gears of War introduced you to Marcus Fenix and his running buddy Dom Santiago, two of the toughest S.O.B.'s in the history of gaming.

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pp3420d ago

Again a PERFECT SCORE proves how awesome Gears of War 2 will be Exclusively for ONLY Xbox360.

tatotiburon3420d ago

another 10? jesus, amazing game

HighDefinition3420d ago

It`s GEOW2, GOW is God Of War

badkolo3420d ago

it is playing it now, incredible.

R2 is also very good so far, first level was amazing.

Daz3420d ago

I get mine tomorrow. cant wait.

XBl/psn outlaw_daz

who up for horde mode? :)

GUNS N SWORDS3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

nice job, keep up the good work EPIC.

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The story is too old to be commented.