Gasme Argus: Resistance 2 Review

Game Argus writes: "For Insomniac, Resistance 2 is a critical sequel. It's the game that will determine if the franchise moves forward, and the direction it will take. The mantra here seems to be "more is better," and it goes without saying that Resistance 2 definitely has more. It's not a revolutionary FPS, but it's a fun ride that should deliver plenty of replay thanks to its online features.

Nathan Hale returns to wipe out the horde of Chimera, now firmly entrenched around the globe. Variation in environment is a boost to game, taking place in small backwater towns and massive cities loaded with epic set pieces. At times, you almost want to sit back and watch."

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GWAVE3662d ago

Well I want to comment on one thing.

Most of the reviews have neglected to touch on what is -- in my opinion -- the thing that sets Resistance 2 apart from other FPSs, and that is the amount of enemies on the screen at a time. Yes, reviewers have mentioned the huge bosses but the huge battles (with 50+ enemies on the screen) are equally impressive and it makes the battles in similar FPSs like Halo 3 and CoD4 feel small in comparison.

himdeel3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

...another thing I thought was minor but interesting is that the enemies react to each bullet, and/or projectile that hits their body. I guess I didn't notice this as much in beta during my coop play because the enemies take so much damage but this was an interesting little bonus. For me this added additional weight to the weapons fired and gave them more substance.

I was certain that I hit an enemy by their physical reaction. I also knew that even if I didn't kill an enemy I could at least stop them in their tracks giving me a chance to reload as they advanced and changed their positions on the battlefield.

Also I didn't think and don't think the 30/30 matches are as chaotic as the reviewer suggest. The only time I did feel that a match was chaotic was when I was getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter.

Darrius Cole3662d ago

The depth of the gameplay. Resistance 2 has two, that "2" campaigns. One single-player campaign and a completely separate campaign specifically designed to play along with your friends, online or offline.