Obama Now Has His Own Game - Super Obama World

Whether you like him or not, Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States, and he now has his own fan-made flash game in the style of Super Mario Bros

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Gun_Senshi3420d ago

just LOL

its quite fun actually

JsonHenry3419d ago

Does it come with fun coal mine bankrupting action? How about over the top tax raising fun? Or how about good times at the ACORN headquarters teaching people to register non-existent voters?

Pain3419d ago

i take it you voted RepublicaN?

ill wait for the LBP version~ hint hint sombody.... i'm waiting...

dinkeldinkse3419d ago

Jason does have a point about Acorn.

And the black panther crap really pissed me off. I know Obama had nothing to do with that, but anyway who does or doesn't have a problem with that GTFO of the United States.

Sorry that this had no relevance to the story.

Electricear3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Turned out to be one of the biggest pieces of FUD in the 2008 campaign. It was so off that it made Factchecks Whopper list:

and here is a link to why it was off:

Gun_Senshi3418d ago

I'm european do i give a fuc|< json?a

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CrippleH3419d ago

LMAO From Russia I can see my house level title.

Fighter3419d ago

Obama mania is spreading all over the world. I still can't stop thinking about that hilarious South Park episode that aired on Wednesday.

name3419d ago



man0fsteel3419d ago

I just traveled across the bridge to nowhere... HA!

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The story is too old to be commented.