Pocket-Lint: BlackBerry Storm mobile phone review


"Has Research In Motion cracked the touchscreen? It seems they have. While the iPhone still offers plenty to the consumer, the lack of a number of key features such as MMS, video, Flash support in web browsing, a 2-megapixel camera, no Bluetooth data, no camera flash, no desktop pairing so you can use it as a modem and no cut and paste function has left Apple suddenly finding themselves trailing behind.

The BlackBerry Storm does all the above (bar Wi-Fi) and in our mind has the best email system on offer in a mobile device today.

It's not all perfect though. The lack of Wi-Fi will grate with some, while others will want a better camera, and then there is the battery. Like other powerful handsets on the market this is likely to be a charge every day affair.

As a BlackBerry Curve user for the last 2 years, when we played with the Bold here at Pocket-lint earlier in the year we thought we had found our next phone. Luckily a tip off told us to wait for the Storm. The wait might be have a while coming, but this is good enough for it to be my next phone."

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