Nyko Ships New Intercooler Add-On For XB360 & PS3

Nyko Technologies today announced that the new Intercooler TS line of game console cooling devices has shipped to stores. The top-of-the-line Intercooler TS series features all-new TempSmart technology that measures console air temperature and regulates air flow through the console in order to achieve an ideal operating environment. Available for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3, the aesthetic design of the Intercooler TS is specifically tailored to each console to providing a sleek-looking solution.

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HighDefinition3325d ago

I bet they made the PS3 one, just so MSFT wouldn`t get their feelings hurt. The PS3 needs NO intercooler. The 360 Intercooler, it`s should come w/ the purchase of a 360.

chrisnick3325d ago

an intercooler for the ps3 would mean it being able to be on constantly without any worry of anything goin wrong......i'll wait to see how it does.....then ill get it keep my ps3 nice and indestructable....kinda.

JeffGUNZ3325d ago

It's called "marketing". People will buy it. You spend 600 on a system, what is another $20? I bet they will have on for the Wii soon.

acetw1n3325d ago

My ps3 blew a fan or something, i spent 30 bucks on this thing, and it brought my ps3 back to life, better than spending 150 bucks for out of warranty exchange.

robotnik3325d ago

DONT BUY INTERCOOLERS for the PS3. The PS3 doesnt need that, and buying that will only damage your console and your wallet.

I dont even know if its good for the Xbox...

ReBurn3325d ago

There's no need for an intercooler for any console. They can damage your system.

TheUsedVersion3325d ago

This won't damage your PS3 as it draws the air out of your system instead of blowing it in. Even the PS3 can suffer from overheating which is what causes most of the freezing that can happen with the system... although very rarely.

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Johnny Rotten3325d ago

the Playstation will always stay cool!

Cherchez La Ghost3325d ago

I have a 7-tier entertainment stand and my PS3 kicks out just as much hot air as my 360. Maybe I need to add additional holes on the side for all of my equipment for more ventilation.

Jager3325d ago

Ya, wait, why the PS3 intercooler? i bet THAT is going to sell like hot cakes on a cool day... ill buy the 360 one tho... will feel safer playing 6+ hours on those sat nights with the clan..

Danja3325d ago

I've had my PS3 running for Hrs literally and never had a prob with over-heating just keep in a cool well ventilated place and there we go..we have ourself a natural PS3 intercooler...

M$ should just start selling intercoolers with the 360...

Eiffel3325d ago

I feel bad for your system.

Just incase you forgot it has a off switch.

Danja3325d ago

dude 6 weeks ??? lol...

but w/e. works for you did you like what you saw when you got the electric bill ? ^.^

HighDefinition3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

My family uses it quite alot and when we weren`t using it we were folding, when we weren`t folding we were listening to music.

I also just wanted to try it out, to see how it would respond.

Like I said 100% fine. That`s good to know.

If you leave the PS3 on ALL month it`s $20 or something like that I read a artical on it once.

XxZxX3325d ago

your electric company love you. haha

and the cancer researcher too.

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