Phoenix Games reviews BIOSHOCK for PS3

As Phoenix Games waited for "Bioshock" to load into their PS3, they were treated to a series of snapshots of life in Rapture, the undersea world where the game takes place. Having played through the Xbox 360 version last year (twice), Phoenix Games was reminded of how much they enjoyed the game's phenomenal story and original aesthetic. But there were no surprises. They knew what they were getting into.

Compare that to the typical PS3 owner who has not played "Bioshock" and knows little or nothing about what they're getting into. What must they think of the references to Ann Ryand, the biology-altering promise made by the advertisements for "plasmids" and the old-world music lilting in the background as they wait for the game to begin?

It may be an old game by now, but "Bioshock" is full of surprise and promise for those who have yet to play it. PS3 owners, your time has come.

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