TGR: Rise of the Argonauts Interview

"TGR recently had the chance to chat with Liquid Entertainment, the studio behind the upcoming mythological action-adventure title, Rise of the Argonauts. Game designer Andrew Rubino was able to shed a little light on the choices the team was faced with during the development process, and answered many questions about what we can expect from the game when it is released later this month (Europe) or early next year (North America)."


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cain1413571d ago

This game could be decent...

Lucreto3571d ago

I am looking forward to it.

ihaten4glol3571d ago

With the release of all the other games lately, I had almost forgotten about this, and I really want to play it!

ahnonamis3571d ago

I HAD forgotten about it. Completely. Just goes to show you how much awesome stuff came out between E3 and now.

Nick27283571d ago

It'll be nice to have another mythological game that's not God of War around. God of War was, well, rather tacky not to mention being a colossal pain to play sometimes.

ThePimpOfSound3571d ago

I'm usually weary of these kinds of borrowed IP ideas, but this sounds interesting. Here's hoping the gameplay is decent.

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