SONY Advertising Improves 1000%

Many SONY fans lament that state of affairs when it comes to their advertising. Seems they have changed direction in their latest ads for Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

Good job SONY!

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chaosatom3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Sold. 10000 degree FTW !!! lol.

Seriously there is nothing wrong with Sony ads, but they just need to increase their numbers a bit.

Mr_Bun3693d ago

I hear that if you look close enough, there is a game in the pics.

SeNiLe9113693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Her hair color or something just makes her look terrible.

Edit: See, even Fishy Fingers agrees

iHEARTboobs3693d ago

Yeah, increase the number of these types of ads. haha

Fishy Fingers3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Keeley Hazell is hot man. Those are actually pretty bad pictures and it's strange to see her with her modesty still intact.

Just google her or what ever, you'll see. Or NSFW!!!!

Mr Tretton3693d ago

wtf, that's her in the Sony ad? Doesn't even look like her

Fishy Fingers3693d ago

Ha, like I said, those are bad pictures.

aceitman3693d ago

look at the ad then look at the girl fishy fingers googled there is a mole underneath the girls left breast about 3-4 inches down now look at the girl fishy fingers showed no mole at all neither one looks like there hot enough to sell anything but a lay $10 for the girl in the ad and $50 for the girl in fishy fingers comment tops

Fishy Fingers3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

LOL what? Yes it's her, use the link on the bottom of the page ( ) it takes you to the Sun newspaper, the same as I'm linking you to above.

"there is a mole underneath the girls left breast about 3-4 inches down" nice eyes Columbo, but it's her. Guess the Sun are just big fans of the airbrushing. Google her, you'll probably find the mole in other pictures.

Super-Brad3693d ago

bubbles to fishy for great links.


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Jacobite3693d ago

Christmas is 48 days away, I have seen no Sony adverts for their console or games WTF.All the adverts have been 360 & Wii, why not any adverts for their exclusives LBP MS2 and RFOM2,do they want to stay 3rd place. MS and Ninty must be rolling about laughing at Sony self destruct mode :(

Fishy Fingers3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I agree the don't seem to push hard when it comes to marketing. But their console is competing just fine with the 360 and how much do you think all that MS marketing costs?

Maybe they have something planned. Who knows. But I seem to see a 360 ad every advertising break on TV.

Edit: Those ad's n4g just posted are great. Had that R2 trailer at the cinema when I saw the new Bond.

na2ru13693d ago

Ad in London newspaper today. Seen MS2 and R2 in cinemas.

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