"Mysterious Monster Goku"- DragonBall Movie

DBthemovie writes:

"We've received a photo from an anonymous source, which is said to be of Goku in "monster" form. Whether or not the photo is of the finished product or an unfinished one is unknown, but we're guessing the latter is the case."

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White-Sharingan3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )


lets all hope its not finished considering it should look like this:


if a finished product then I can only say............O..........M... ......G

Supa3666d ago

Maybe they are taking some more "artistic liberties" with the source material? :``-(

I'm starting to feel like anyone excited for this should really dig up a copy of the original (subbed) Japanese live-action Dragonball movie on eBay, like I did many years ago. That stuff was really batsh*t insane!

ThanatosDMC3666d ago

"WTF?!" is exactly what i thought when i saw that... Where is the Oozaru(sp?).... that aint no huge monkey!

Fox013666d ago

I think that thing is supposed to be Piccolo...

MidnightProwler3666d ago

I have "Dragon Ball" It's so horrible, fans of the Anime/manga will like it :P I downloaded it onto my PS3 last year when Stage 6 was still alive.

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tatotiburon3666d ago

wtf is that??, jesus they are killing the saga

FrozenFrag3666d ago

Lol yeah your right...what are they thinking?!?!

JasonXE3666d ago

db gt already did that so this is icing on the cake.

MidnightProwler3666d ago

Was I the only one who though DBGT was cool? I mean... It wasn't DBZ, but come on now... SS4 Goku!

MidnightProwler3666d ago

War has changed.... lol, okay. I'm done with the MGS4 innuendo's for the year.

Aclay3666d ago

You've got to be kidding me... what the f*ck is that... there was no "monster" Goku in DBZ, and on top of that, there was no DBZ character that even looked like that thing.

I think that an Animated DBZ film would have done just as good, if not better in theaters than this live action film.

DBZ/Dragon Ball is still one of my favorite action Anime and it will be a huge disappointment if this Dragon Ball movie flops.

Mozilla893666d ago

That thing looks like a swamp monster not a space alien.

Dmack793666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

If this "Monster Goku" is for real, then this movie is full of epic failure. :P

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