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Darkseider3665d ago

WTF?! OK it's ultra-violent, leave it alone and rate the game accordingly. Toning it down is just plain wrong.

barom3665d ago

You know I would've blamed Midway, but now that Europe is getting it uncensored I'mma blame ESRB.

Panthers3665d ago

I thought Europe had tighter censorship laws than the US. Especially Germany

chasuk083665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

If you would read the article it says they both have different classifications. Europe has a 15 and 16 ratings, whereas North America has a teen rating which means its for 13 year olds. If they were to keep the joker thing it would of bumped up the rating to a M.

So its not really about censorship, more of midway wanting to make a teen rating.

SCThor3665d ago

Importing. Play-Asia here I go!!!

SaiyanFury3664d ago

I saw the joker fatality on EPDaily. That one RULED! If they tone it down for North America, I'll just buy the European version since the PS3 isn't region locked for games.

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The Dark Knight3665d ago

AS IF!!! wait all he did was shoot someone in the head...unless theres another one i dont know about

riksweeney3665d ago

It's the shooting in the head one. His other fatality involves him throwing cards into his opponent, finishing off with one to the head. Think Reiko's fatality from MK4.

jay23665d ago

Good, the EU users get one over on the US for once.

k2803665d ago

EU gets alot of stuff before US. like gt5p and play tv i dont even think the US is even getting play tv.

-GametimeUK-3664d ago

compared to the US we get hardly anything first... im not one to complain because im not bothered really but SCEE are blatantly doing a poor job... We had to wait for RUMBLE! end of!

MK_Red3665d ago

OMG! LOOOOOOL!!!! Seriously, Europe getting a more violent version than US!??? It is the end of the world!!

Megaton3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I think Steven Colbert was right about the large hadron collider throwing us into an alternate reality. Black U.S. president, Phillies are world champions, and now Europe gets the goriest version of a video game.

MK_Red3664d ago

Good Xiphos. I gotta get the PS3 Pal version since PS3 games are region free.

ar3664d ago

I think you confuses Europe with UK and Germany. At least here in Sweden a game wouldn't be stopped due to mature content (unless it's the distributors initiative).

swl72us3665d ago

That make them worthless. I mean sometimes Europe is more strict, sometimes it's the US, sometimes it's the Aussies. I personally think they should either release a Mature version and a Teen version if they feel a teen rating is so necessary. Otherwise just stick with the mature rating like they have always been. Also, if your old enough to be able to pull off a Mortal Kombat fatality then your old enough to see the ultra gory finishing move!

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